Integration Of Spiritual Concepts Into Counseling

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Integration of Spiritual Concepts into Counseling

Integration of Spiritual Concepts into Counseling


To develop clear idea, it is foremost to develop clear understanding of the difference between 'Spiritual' and 'Spirituality'. They are quite elusive concepts (McSherry, 2004). It differs from person to person as it mostly is shaped by their interaction within the environment they live and evolve alongside their perception. 'Spiritual' dimension is viewed by authors as a quest for meaning and purpose of life. It seeks answers to questions which are beyond human control and most of the time activates during the time of immense crisis (Russell, 2002). At its pinnacle, it transforms into Spiritual Disaster where people see their life as complete waste with no significant achievement (Burnard, 1987).

'Spirituality' however is relationship with the God; the one worshipped by an individual, for being the supreme authority (Mattis, 2000). For some, spirituality is more explicit as in the case of Muslims or Christians. They believe in one God. Whereas for others, spirituality is aligned with firm faith in values and relationships more important to them. Spirituality promotes sense of connectedness, and thus it differs for atheists, agnostics and monotheists.


In order to move to the integration of various concepts of spiritual journey into counseling philosophy, it is imperative to briefly understand each concept in order to aid clear understanding.

Spiritual Concepts


Spiritual assessment is used by counsellor or therapist to identify their clients' spiritual needs that can satisfy their current problem or need. As a result of this understanding and thought processing going on within the client's head, they straighten out the problem. It is mostly used by health care providers for inpatients who are in despair and needs hope. The association of such weightage and importance with spiritual assessment is because spiritual growth can only be attained if people know their current level.


Prayer is the foundation of the religion that provides a sense of connectedness to God. Sense of connectedness raises hope and provides depressed clients with faith and belief. It helps in abandoning connection and association with everyone for the dependence upon the Supreme Being, the Creator.


Scripture is the text through which lost and disheartened clients seeks guidance and direction towards the right path. The text in the scripture might not seem new for people who know the fundamentals of their religion even if they do not read it regularly.

Confrontation of Sin

Confrontation is helping the clients in acknowledging their sin. Primary purpose for confrontation of sin to accept that you undertook the task that is non-conforming to the religion. This confession lightens one's heart and soul; who is seeking salvation and helps in reconciliation with the religion. Then it is imposed upon those who are on the right path; path that leads to healing from the suffering, to guide others as well. It is imperative to confront others for their sin as well, but not to judge or embarrass them, rather to help them in embarking upon spiritual journey to God. Judgemental attitude creates hindrance in confronting ...
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