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Cultural Issues and Ethics in International Business

Cultural Issues and Ethics in International Business


The expansive and unstoppable process of globalization has forced employers to form in their ability to trade and negotiate with the outside world. However, it is important not only they are immersed in this subject, your staff, or one who is qualified to do so, you should also have access to the most significant aspects of foreign trade, logistics, and the impact that this implies the organization and to the legal aspects of international business (Degeorge, 2000, 77-83). Companies are not limited to conduct private and government operations locally, but also with other countries. Precisely what we call international business is the relationship between an organization and its external world (Degeorge, 2000, 77-83). This type of activity also involves foreign trade and international, which includes transactions (exports, imports, investments, financing) that are performed worldwide.

Among the success factors that can be mentioned in the international business operations include competitiveness, financial support between the parties and logistics. This aspect is very important because when the actors involved are in different countries or regions, the realization and business success are further complicated. In analyzing the economy, we must review the dimension that transcends the borders of a country, i.e. which addresses the problems international economic purposes (Degeorge, 2000, 77-83). The importance of international relations in the sphere of trade, politics or culture has reached a global level, a deeper meaning to such an extent that one cannot speak only of goods but also exchange programs of integration.

The international economy poses to study the problems of international economic transactions, therefore when we talk about international economy is to link co international trade factors. International business is the exchange of economic goods that takes place between the inhabitants of two or more nations, in such a way that gives rise to outflows of goods from one country entries of goods from other countries. Nevertheless, international business can also be done through FDI, franchising and by targeting the untapped market segments of a foreign country (Carlson, Blodgett, 1997, 89-95).

Discussion and Analysis

Cultural Issues

The word culture is perceived in different ways: at the level of ordinary consciousness - as a set of manners and customs, and among cultural studies and sociology, in accordance with the definition of culture as a specific way of organization and development of human life, represented in the product's material and spiritual work in the system social norms and institutions, spiritual values, in the aggregate people's attitudes to nature and each other and to ourselves (Carlson, Blodgett, 1997, 89-95). Understand the essence of culture is possible only through the prism of human activities, the peoples inhabiting the planet. It was originally connected with a person and is generated by the fact that he constantly strives to find meaning in their life and work and, conversely, no society or social group, or a person without culture, without culture. This same culture acts as a measure of implementation and development of human ...
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