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International Business Environment

International Business Environment


It has been long argued that free trade and outsourcing bring benefits to all countries that participate in a free trading system. However, as the wave of globalization sweeps through the U.S. economy, trade unions witness that many of the American jobs have been moved out of the country to a country where wages are less and taxes are low. In fact, the traditional view of Globalization entails that it can generally be recognized as a movement of people from one place to another (Andreas, 2011). However, the term of 'Globalization' in today's rapidly changing business and technological environment has a broader concept and defines a process of economic and social connection between not only people but also the organizations and businesses (Jacobi, 2012). It would not be wrong to say that today this world gives a picture of global village as everything from people to businesses are interconnected across the world regardless of physical borders (Kiyoshi, 2012). No doubt, globalization has brought many benefits to people as today people are more connected then before, they work in their home countries but for foreign organizations, many businesses entered to foreign markets with their innovative products, etc.

However, there are some issues that need serious attention from businesses, trade unions and the government. Most of the researchers agree that globalization can be seen as a new chapter of America's growth as many American businesses now have opportunity to access foreign workers in other countries in order to save their cost (Jacobi, 2012). They further argue that globalization has eliminated differences between regions and cultures where all workers in other countries work for an American company in their own country but under the guidelines of international or American standards. This paper aims to discuss the role of trade unions in raising the voice against outsourcing and relocation of jobs from America.


In fact, the Globalization is not a new phenomenon as movement of human beings can be seen since the creation of this world where people moved to other places in search of food and water or better life standard (Tomlinson, 2003). The globalization in 20th century has become a complex system as huge movement of people can be seen from Asia to North America and Africa to Europe. This movement resulted as mixing of cultures where influx of foreign cultures initially was not encouraged by locals or natives. In other words, researchers explain that globalization created cultural issues in terms of identity of native culture (Tomlinson, 2003). In addition, businesses also used western culture to allure local population in order to sell their products in Asia and Africa (Pieterse, 2009). Similarly, the movement of people from Arab countries or Africa also changed the image of western culture due to the cultural integration in the west.

Globalization and Business

The impact of globalization on business and technology is visible as it allows diffusion of innovation and state-of-the-art technologies in communities across the globe with similar understanding (Caprio, ...
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