International Business Strategy: Topshop

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International Business Strategy: Topshop


Companies often use one of two basic types of international strategies, or both: the international business strategy and international corporate strategy. In the field of business, companies apply generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation, cost leadership focused on a sector, a sector focused differentiation or cost leadership and differentiation integrated. The international corporate strategies are three: the multinational, the global or transnational (a combination of multinational and global). To achieve a competitive advantage, each strategy must integrate a core skill, resources and skills based on hard copy. When firms employ a business strategy and corporate strategy, seek to create value.

In an era of rapid globalization, technological innovation, population boom, and environmental change, the need for international collaboration and standardization exists across disciplines in order to decrease duplication and the reinvention of competing standardizing platforms and processes for business, government, and society. The most important and a major challenge for the newly open clothing store there is a problem of competition. In this area, its level is very high. It should be noted that to date the market clothing retailer, as a rule, can be formed in each city. In addition, it can be presented as a major shopping from specialized retail chains and distinctive shops. But this does not mean that the idea to open his own clothing store to be forgotten once and for all. It is a fact that fashion retailing is highly profitable and competitive part of the UK retail sector. The consumer behaviour in this market can actually characterized by the impulse purchasing and inconsistent customers (Dickinger, Murphy & Scharl, 2004).

Discussion and Analysis

The fashion industry is totally different from any other sector, for several reasons. A well developed marketing and high impact advertising activities are inherent characteristics. In the fashion sector, the objective is to generate customer interest in making them want to buy products regardless of their actual needs. Each season and each collection represents a new challenge that relies on innovation models and materials, to maintain the customer's attention. With the fashion industry now global, remain competitive requires more than ever to be effectively and economically. Topshop brand founded in 1964 and now differs from its competitors in its own exclusive design, rather than copying models of famous fashion designers (Clifton, pp. 157-161).

History Topshop

Cult British brand Topshop was born in Sheffield in a small basement shop Peter Robinson in 1964. In this small room clothing sold under the brand, the Topshop did their business for 10 years until the owners have not got their own trading room. The basic idea of fashion brand for young women between 13 and 25 was a combination of equitable prices and timely fashion decisions. In 1978, the company had an equivalent brand Topmen, which in 1922 merged. Since then, Topshop started to produce both female and male collection. This event marked the opening of the famous store on Oxford Street in London. Chain stores developed, and presented it to the model differed affordable ...
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