International Marketing Strategy

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International Marketing Strategy

International Marketing Strategy


This essay will be discussing the firm Singapore Airlines. The study will discuss issues regarding Singapore airlines for the entry of them into a complete new international market. The study will also be sharing a complete marketing plan that is constructed in a way which would give a clear route to the company in attaining company's goals of entering into a foreign market. There came a lot of issues which are on stake whenever we have a discussion regarding the entry in a foreign market. Thus, I will be doing the analysis of the External Environment assessment. Significantly, giving the importance, to the potential marketing issues. By the end of the discussion, I will also be coming up with the appropriate marketing strategies along with the branding strategy.

Company's Review

Singapore Airlines is considered as the most renowned airlines in the world. It also boasts the aircrafts of young fleet in the operations. One of the vital elements of the company which takes it to success is that it always leads from the front. Singapore Airlines was the leading company in having the most market share initially. It has attained this position in the market and maintained it with the monopoly of giving innovative processes along with customer oriented approach. At that phase if there a rise in a discussion on the satellite based telephones in flight or the headsets, the Singapore Airlines name is taken at first because of its mark in advanced technology. Along with other departments, the R&D Department has the most outstanding performances' in accordance to the need of the customer. However, Singapore airlines are also facing a serious and very tough competition among the Emirates Airlines, Middle East or Qatar Airlines (Singapore airlines, 2012). The company has to come up with and is in need of a comprehensive style of action in order to tackle the firm's threat of competitors. Looking at the past of company the airlines were having the standard experience of services. The Airlines also need to get the trust of those customers which were loyal to them.


External International Environment Analysis

We ought to see all the factors that might affect the external environment for the success of an entry into a foreign marketplace. These factors involve;

Political Factors

While looking at the Political factors we must need to cater in the foreign market, by doing, so we have to overlook the government policies, tax rules, trade agreements, political stability of the respective market. When there lays high political instability, it would be hell risky for the company to enter such market. A detailed and careful analysis on the mentioned areas would be helpful in attaining the desired results of Singapore airlines. Because stable political conditions of the country the Singapore airlines has gotten more competition in the market that its monopoly might lose the benefits, as Singapore Airlines cannot be a longer solo airline in Singapore.

Economic Factors

It is obvious that in times of the financial crunch, it would be a difficult ...
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