Internet In Social Construction

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Internet in Social Construction

Internet in Social Construction


In a modern society, the internet is a global network that brings together members of various organizations, government agencies and private firms, as well as private users. At present time, the internet is one of the important factors of socialization, as the internet is a multifaceted media containing different types of communications. Even though, there are different groups of people who consider internet as a waste of time and resource but the other group supports its advantages. Thus, the following essay is going to analyze the positive aspects of internet that has played an important role in strengthening the social construction.


Internet has become a basic tool in many trade and personal relationships. There have been changes both in society and in the conduct of its users, with a corresponding positive and negative side. Therefore, before the essay evaluates the benefits internet has provided to the users, it is important to consider the role of internet in the society.

Role of Internet in the Society

Now technology has advanced dramatically and everything revolves around the internet, society is greatly attracted to the internet as it gives us a lot of facilities, people can contact with their family or loved ones who are away for a price much cheaper than calling for phone.

Also every day people meet new people from different countries, cultures and languages ??through the Internet. One can now socialize in an easier, fast and economical way.

The Internet will play a much more significant role in the lives of people in the near future. The societies are changing due to the introduction of the Internet, social networks changed the way people interact with each other and how to meet new people. Sites like have changed the perception about dating in American and European countries, and probably the speaking sites that will change the way people interact with each other.

The internet has brought many benefits today for its users. The development of the internet as a new means of communication has created a series of questions about the emergence of forms of communicative interaction other than those we have known it. Few of them are stated below:

Establishes new relations

Improves the economy

Accesses the information

Establishes New Relations

Internet has brought the entire globe closer to a single platform. Though internet serves many benefits, the biggest advantage it provides is the establishment of new relationships. It has helped people in making new friends, and at times in making families. Social networking has promoted the idea. Facebook, Hi5, blogs, messengers, chats, emails, Twitter, etc, are just some of the tools the internet offers to communicate with other people, make friends, contacts, and even potential partners. Thousands of people have met their soul mate through chat or social networking sites like Facebook. Other people communicate every day due to the messengers of MSN, Yahoo and Skype.

More and more couples meet through internet. The aspect is the confidentiality of the relationship, not face to face show the ...
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