Social Media Pr Disaster

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Social Media PR Disaster

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In the long and continuous journey of invention in the field of technology internet can be considered as the most remarkable and spectacular invention. The development and access to the internet in recent times has grown tremendously. Similarly, social networking is a new advent within the field of internet.

Networks are forms of social interaction, defined as a dynamic exchange between individuals, groups and institutions in situations of complexity. An open and permanent construction involving sets identified the same needs and problems and that are organized to leverage their resources (Jay, 2007). Internet social networking provides many advantages to business by promoting their products and services and it also provides advantages to the general people (Arthur, 2009). At the same time these networking websites can also cause a lot of damages to the reputation and name of the brand. The aim and objective of this paper is to talk about recovering from social network PR disaster. For that purpose an article with the name of “HOW TO: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster”, by Zachary Sinderman is taken into account.


The author Sinderman in his article points out that organizations and brands suffer from PR disasters and slip-ups. In the article, the writer mentions that brands can take advantages of such slip-ups and can use this PR disaster as a chance for the promotion and turn this event into a success story (Sinderman, 2010). I do not agree with this point. Once a disaster is occurred then the only action that you can take is to ratify it and get rid of it as soon as possible. Even ratifying and getting rid of it becomes difficult then at that time taking advantage of such situations is extremely possible. Taking chances at events when ...
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