Internet Technology Vs Printed Newspaper

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Internet Technology Vs Printed Newspaper

Internet Technology Vs Printed Newspaper


Since the printed newspapers appeared as the first manifestation of daily journalism by the nineteenth century, the appearance of each new information technology has almost raised its end. First it faced the immediacy of radio and then the broadcast of live news with the image on television. Prior to that, printed newspapers faced censorship regime or an institution, or even the same community as the consumed. In relation to an event, a novelty or that we now call news story stated: "The radio advertising, television shows and print media explain it, need causes and effects, interpret."

Printed newspaper is no longer the popular approach to events. Now, all this is achieved in much less time through the internet. It seems that latent print edition of newspapers is destined to become mere obstinacy of those who do not have a good impression of journalism that is done through the network, online. However, it is necessary to point out that certainly the immediate future of this endeavor is on the internet and its effects are multiplied according to their qualitative features.

Still in many parts of the world, print and internet news portals are not in conflict nor is it necessary to overflow, to wear and to minimize conflicts warranted. They are complementary ways of accessing news. That is hundreds of people look out for custom pages of the newspaper over lunch in the present era and they would continue to do so in the future as well. Meanwhile, hundreds but thousands more will do so through their phone, Smartphone, Blackberry, Lap-top, Palm-top and the other new technologies yet to come. Not everyone has the habit of accessing information through print newspapers, nor with the technological equipment as described. There will be millions of human beings that will take the pulse of what is happening in the world just turn a television.

The homogenization of the messages, the use of language "that everyone can understand, in this case, is the infallible way of those who hold ownership of such means to provide information and emotional education to those millions who today and tomorrow fascinate and shape their opinion, their opinion of most television programs. Typically, the newspapers are predicting the death of the Internet. But the actual death of the press come demographic reasons - the departure of the last generation of newspaper. This is the current 30-year-olds who were born in the year of the Moscow Olympics. Their teenage socialization took place at the mid-90's, when the family was still alive the tradition of the subscription. Next generation born in the 90th, at the time of Adolescent socialization in the mid-2000 already had home Internet access. This is the first digital generation that drew the demographic line between paper and digital age.


Perhaps the newspaper will remain the object of rare vintage fashion and prestige consumption, something like a cigar. However, the agony of the print media will start earlier and will be ...
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