Newspapers In Digital Era

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The Impact of Digital Technology on Photography and Business Practices of Newspapers


In this study we try to explore the concept of “digital technology” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “digital era of technology” and its impact on “photography” and “business practices of newspaper industry”. The research aims to analyze the influence of digital technology on the changes that have been made in “the contemporary business practices in newspaper industry”. The study will elaborate the historical business perspective of “photography and newspaper industry” and compare it with the “revived business practices of newspapers”. This study possesses utmost significance as the results of the study will contribute to the strategy formulation and decision making process in the “newspaper industry”.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Introduction4

Statement of Significance5

Chapter 02: Literature Review6

History: Photography and Newspaper Industry6

An Era of Modification7

Chapter 03: Methodology9

Research design9

Research Sample10

Chapter 04: Results11

Impact of Technological Innovations on Photography and Newspapers11

Impact of Digital Modernization on Newspapers12

Impact of Digital Modernization on Target Market of Newspapers13

Inheritance of the Newspaper Industry15

Contemporary Design of Newspaper Industry16

Chapter 06: Conclusion18


Chapter 01: Introduction

The digital revolution and the expansion of technology have opened alternative ways for modifications and amendments in the methodologies through which traditional newspapers were governed. The paper aims to discuss the modern trends in the newspaper industry. This paper enlightens the modifications in the newspaper market and the threats that were brought in by those modifications. Nevertheless, the modifications in the newspaper industry have also created certain opportunities that can be grasped by the paper publishers. It can be realized that the technological expansion and the rise of digital systems have significant influence on the traditional newspapers.

In this paper, the traditional and conventional target market of newspapers will be discussed in order to enlighten the impact of digital modernization on the conventional market of newspapers. Mobile and online versions of daily newspapers are experiencing a boom. These modernized trends pull audience and the company clientele from traditional paper-based publications (Tenopir, King, 2002). The newspapers are not only sources of providing information to their target audience but also used as an advertising medium. Therefore, the technological modifications in the newspaper industry have shifted the advertising budgets of the corporate sector towards the digital sources of advertising.

In United States, the global trend has its own specifics; these specifics are parallel and interact freely with each other in the process. A study carried out on the online newspaper subscription in United States indicates that in the 2002, the number of online subscribers in the newspaper industry was no more than 1.1 billion. After three years, the number of online subscribers increased to 3.4 billion, and this figure increased by 2.7 billion in 2007. At the same time, the paper media continued to decline because it was considered obsolete and time consuming by its target market (Van, Nimwegen, 1998). The traditional newspapers not only lost their target readers but the corporate clients that used to consider newspaper as an effective advertising ...
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