Interview With A Senior Citizen

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Interview with a Senior Citizen

Interview with a Senior Citizen



When and where you were born?

I was born in 1938 at Phoenix, Arizona

What traditions are still practiced in your family?

My family celebrates every occasion such as birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and Easter with friends.

What type of house did you live in as a child?  Describe.

I spent my childhood in a small house where I used to live with five other family members. I belonged to a lower middle class family that is why my house was very simple with only some necessities to live life.

What were your duties as a small child? Describe your responsibilities at different stage of life.

I am very responsible from very young age. My duties as a child were to perform some home chores with my mother and also to do bring stuff for home from the market. Now, as an adult when I have my own family my roles have quietly changed. I am a bread winner for my family.

What thing did you learn as child? Sewing, cooking, etc.

I did not learn any basic house chore because my sister used to assist my mother in these things.

When did you get your first job outside of the family?

My first job out of my family was of an electrician which I got at the age of 15 years. This job helped my aim of becoming an electrical engineer to develop.

Name your all schools.

I went to two schools in Phoenix. First was an elementary school called Khalsa Montessori Elementary School and another was Madison Richard Simis School from where I got my high education.

What do you remember about your schools?

I got my education from public schools where I most of my peers were from black community. We used to tidy hard because at that time my community was struggling hard for its own status. However, we also used to participate in every extracurricular activity.

How large your town or city was?

Phoenix is the capital and largest city of Arizona State which is the most populous state of U.S.

What were your activities there?

Although I used to spend most of my time in studies, I was also engaged in sports activity from my school. I used to play basketball and rugby with my friends from my school.

What was the most tragic moment of your life?

I have faced many challenges in my life but an incident was the most tragic among all of them and I certainly do not want to discuss it with any one, sorry.

Any happiest moment in your life?

Yeah, I was happy when I got married but the happiest moment of my life was when my daughter was born. I felt being in heaven.

What do you always wanted to be in your life?

I always wanted to be a happy, content and successful man in my life which I eventually became through pursuing my career in electrical engineering.

Tell me something about your career.

I worked at many places on different jobs but all of them were ...
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