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This paper is going to consider the overall effects of the 1868 Hawaii earthquake. The earthquake that came in Hawaii in the year 1868 is considered to be the worst ever earthquake in the history of Hawaii that occurred at 4 p.m on April2 1868, the earth quake left about 77 people dead and a loss of millions, a loss which was certainly very hard to calculate.

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The Hawaii is known to be a land of earth quakes, a majority of the earth quakes that take place are because of the volcanic activity. These activities take place on Kilauea and Mauna Loa; the other earth quakes that occur at Hawaii are because of the structural weakness which is found underneath the island. As many as thousand earth quakes occur at Hawaii each year, since they are very small they are not felt by the human beings living in the surrounding area but are always detected on the natural disaster machines. Even earth quakes with a higher magnitude level occur at Hawaii and as many as 14 earth quakes have been reported to have been recorded which were to be on a magnitude of 6 or more. These Earth quake may look as a part of the daily life of the people living on the island, but the fact is that every one some how is mentally prepared to face the consequence or is aware of the effects of the natural disaster.

The Kaoiki Seismic Zone is the site which is known to be the most dangerous site as it faces the maximum number of earthquakes. The earth quakes that occur in Hawaii are majorly dependant over the activity of the volcanic mountains (Walter and Amelung, 2004, 4).

The magnitude and epicentral location of the earthquake are constrained by the distribution and severity of damage. It was because of the sparse population of Hawaii at that time that the exact magnitude and location are still known accurately known. The epicenter was located about 5 miles north or northeast of Pahala. It is believed that the earth quake might have occurred because of the slip on a near horizontal plane 6 miles beneath the surface, this has been estimated by finding out the results of the recent earth quakes, and looking at the recent earth quakes, past estimations were done.

Till date there have been several estimations of the earth quakes, tons of geologists have made models concerning to the Hawaii earth quake, but none so far has been able to come up with the accurate estimation and a concise idea of what actually happened on the day of the earth quake. A few of the models state that the earth quake occurred because the entire southern side of the island which is bounded by the south west and north east of the volcano which is named to ne Mauna Loa Volcano, and the east rift zones of Kilauea Volcano slid seaward.

There has been a more complex model developed to explain the birth of ...
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