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The poem “Pity for Poor Africans” is written by William Cowper in 1788 ,this poem moves around the Afrikaans slaves , about their trading and how they was treated by people of other countries. In this the speaker tells about the slaves children that how they were treated , they can't study even they were deprive of basic necessities. The slave trade goes back to ancient Paranoiac times, but one I'll talk is of another nature.

The way we speak is the trafficking of slaves from the African coast, shipped to the American colonies and mainly practiced by Europeans in the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. It aims to raise money through the work of slaves, to build beautiful colonies with sweat and blood of the captives.

The start of the Atlantic slave trade organized by the Europe dates from 1441, when Portuguese sailors brought back the first black slaves in Portugal. The slave trade was abolished in the nineteenth century, gradually, by all the countries of Europe and America but the use of slaves endured in the World, first legally and then illegally until today. 

For this work, I am particularly interested in the slavery of the eighteenth century. Indeed, trafficking and slavery seem particularly shocking when they are at an age of emancipation as the Enlightenment.

How was organized trafficking

The slave trade was done by means of a triangular trade with the European point of departure was a major Atlantic port of the North Sea (Europe-> Africa-Africa> America, America-> Europe). The vessels used for trafficking were actually mixed-use buildings, solid and fast called "slave ships".

In the port of shipment, the goods loaded slave ship that had the support of African intermediaries; These goods were then unloaded at a port in Africa where they were commoditized, traded or sold slaves cons of African intermediaries.

Once reached Africa, trafficking could begin. The slave trafficking could practice flying, that is to say going from bay to bay to accommodate several slaves. However, this technique was time consuming and involved many risks (attacks of natives) Trafficking organized is therefore required. Two options were possible: in the first case, the European settlements on the coast, with a few chairs and a few soldiers who committed the gathering of slaves. The second formula was set by a market contract. Upon his arrival, the captain secured the assistance of an interpreter who was visiting the sovereign, offered him gifts, discussing tariffs. The sale was then declared open and set the scales; each quality black was passed carefully: for example, the best merchandise was "part of India, adult male, young and robust. To prevent fraud, the slaves brought by force into the ports were examined by a surgeon on board. It checked the eyes, mouth and genitals. The sick and old were eliminated. Note that these slaves came from all over Africa and were reduced to servitude to various causes: prisoners of tribal wars, debtors who could repay their debts and were reduced to slavery, criminals and children sold by their parents to obtain ...
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