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Introduction To Marketing

Introduction To Marketing


Wind Mobile, established in 2007, continues to build on the engineering expertise developed since 1998 as a part of its parent Wind Telecom. Wind Mobile is focused on platforms and solutions for value added services run by mobile carriers.

Wind Mobile's flagship product is the Falcon platform. Falcon provides various Value Added Services for telecom operators, with Falcon Custom Ringbacktones, Falcon Notifications Suite and USSD gateway being the most popular. Other functionalities comprise entertainment services, e.g. funny greetings, voice cards, as well as basic telecommunications services, such as automatic call distribution, voice mail, intelligent network, delivery of SMS messages to fixed networks, notifications on presence, availability and missed calls. Due to its virtualization technology, the Falcon platform also enables independent Application Service Providers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators / Mobile Virtual Network Enablers.

Due to the lack of cell phone competition in Canada, the "big three" Bell, Rogers and Telus control the mobile phone industry. Even with sister companies such as Virgin Mobile (Bell), Solo (Bell), Koodo (Telus) and Fido (Rogers) there are always compromises.

No matter who you sign with there always seems to be a sacrifice whether its with minutes, data, features, phone selections or lengthy contracts.


WIND Mobile is the newest nation provider in the Canadian wireless industry in over 10 years. They didn't start out to reinvent the wireless industry, but to create a conversation form for Canadians to voice their opinions about wireless contracts and plans. With the successful 'Join the Conversation at WIND' social media, radio, print, and outdoor campaign, the thoughts and opinions of Canadians have come to life. WIND Mobile followed up with a TV & Movie Theatre campaign to raise interest and brand awareness.

A company hoping to be the fourth national provider of wireless mobile service in Canada is blowing into town, possibly in the next month. Wind Mobile, a Globalive Communications company, is setting up service in Edmonton and Ottawa. Its wireless network is almost ready to launch in Vancouver. Hiring notices have been placed for new wind stores additional to those already open in Calgary and Toronto. The company also operates 16 kiosks in Blockbuster locations. Globalive is based in Toronto.

Currently, Wind employs 700 people and expects to nearly double its staff in 2010 during its cross-country rollout. Wind has acquired licences to provide service in most cities all over Canada, except for in Quebec. In that ...
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