Investigate And Compare Two Different Medical Standards Between The United States And China

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Investigate and Compare Two Different Medical Standards between the United States and China

Investigate and Compare Two Different Medical Standards between the United States and China


Medicine in china is not only a system of medicine. It is a method of thinking that can be applied to all areas. In the current climate of recession, the banking and unemployment, we can try to understand the syndrome that the world undergoes complex differentiation of dialectical methodology used by Chinese doctors to diagnose and treat the patient. This paper analyzes and compares the two types of standards between the United States and China in a concise and comprehensive way.


Waitzkin, et al (2001) mentions that since the Second World War, the growing prosperity of our world of consumption has given us a false promise. The progress of science and technology to drive our dream of a society of increased consumption. In fact, apart from some minor crises that the world continues to rise and credit will help create the world of finance in a giant bubble that protects and plays, offering consumers a sense of well be illusory.

With increasing the incentives to consume and spend, and the factor is also enhanced by the increase in property values of our swing. Regulation of due diligence was a bureaucratic exercise rather than by the response from within. Finally, the bubble. Medicine believes that china is a syndrome of excess become deficiency syndrome (Waitzkin, et al, 2001).

Immoderation, more consumption, short-term risks and unsustainable growth of the construction are expected to heat in the vacuum of a syndrome of deficiency of Yin as medicine china. We are suffering from insomnia due to heat load and sweat, a failure rate that can not convert the nutrients in the blood and the energy needed by the economy and therefore make the kidney, which is becoming a "bad bank "We provide intangible credit misrepresentation of the real economy.

By taking the economic pulse and the observation of china's economy is the final medical diagnosis. We should balance the Yin and Yang in our economy; restore harmony by reducing the age of enlightenment and accountability (Waitzkin, et al, 2001). The age of enlightenment means to return value to our society, to promote the real economy of production, innovation, service and hard work to create real wealth (Zulawski, 1999).

We have to be short term to deter risk-taking, especially with other people for money, greedy and ...
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