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Community Health Department Investigation

Community Health Department Investigation


The paper investigates the reason of absence of students from the middle schools. The paper bases investigation on the statistics given by the school authorities and the interviews conducted by students' parents. It is necessary to find out the reasons which contribute to the absence of students for the school, and for this reason, the paper highlights the possible causes of absence.


According to the current investigations, the students who are absent for more than two weeks are behind in their studies and they often hold the rest of the class back while they try to catch up. This interminable absence is a community wide rises which needs attention of the health department and the school administration. Students that are absent for more than a month of class are behind in their studies, and often hold the rest of the class back while they try to catch up.

From the interviews of parents, the common reason of absence was found to be stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and fever ( This reason is alike in Truman middle school and Jackson middle school according to the charts and statistics obtained from school administration and parents interviews. It is observed that the students who were sick were absent due to the illness arising from fever or diarrhea. A week before the students absences, students had spring break. At the initial phase of this investigation, this regular absence criterion raises many questions to the health situation of the community. For example, one of the parents respond to the interview question that her daughter woke up before her alarm clock went off. She felt sick to her stomach, and she threw up about an hour later ( This is the reason why her mother did not let her attend ...
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