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What is iPad?

iPad is the first mass Tablet PC in the world. It appeared suddenly and instantly became a bestseller through its features and ease of use. Large touch screen of iPad provides the convenience to read electronic books, watch movies and view photos. It is a very lightweight and compact, which would make it an indispensable companion on the road. If 2010 was the year of iPad, then 2011 no doubt is the year of iPad 2.

Apple iPad is a classic example of MIDs and fundamentally different from PC's. Customers attribute Internet tablets as an easier and more understandable to the usual personal computers and may eventually supplant the PC in the IT market. The iPad is different from other tablets in its specificity. Indeed, it is the latest invention of the Apple's brand. Its screen is larger. Over the age of keyboards, natural finger movements can move to the next page or can choose other applications. Tactile manipulation and size of the screen is therefore, the major assets of the iPad. The function of the iPad does not limited to an e-book as it also allows the reader to connect to the internet, watch movies, view photos and keeps email contact anywhere. That is why the iPad is a true personal computer adapted to each profile (Apple, 2011).

More Powerful and Faster

The iPad has the second generation technology which surpasses its competitors in terms of power and speed. The gadget has the dual-core system. The only other dual core tablet available in the market is the Motorola Xoom. A research makes clear that the product of the Apple brand takes a step ahead. Indeed, it is four times faster in terms of frames displayed per second.

Advantages of iPad

The popularity of tablet iPad is growing every day, and many customers are willing to do anything to possess this elegant and powerful enough computer, providing a fantastic opportunity. This tablet has undeniable advantages such as:

The iPad has a powerful processor from Apple, with a frequency of 1 GHz. Therefore, working on the iPad has becomes a pleasure now. However, the playing games, surfing the Internet, watching videos and photos, listening to music and so forth as become much more easy and attractive. iPad battery holds a charge up to 10 hours. If the customer uses its computer to read books, or editing documents, the time increases to 20-30 hours.

The tablet has a shock-resistant housing made of aluminum.

The manufacturer offers a huge number of accessories and applications for the iPad; therefore, any user can find what it needs. In addition, iPad supports almost all applications of the iPhone.

Many of the applications are quite inexpensive; for example, an application for working with documents will cost only $ 10.

The cost of the tablet is completely acceptable from 500 to 1000 dollars, depending on the model, the availability of 3G and memory. For such a computer, this is not so ...
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