Personal Media Inventory

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Personal Media Inventory

Personal Media Inventory

This is a personal media inventory essay in which I have detailed the medi exposure for a whole day. A preaching proverb states that a pastor lives out her call with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in another. After two months working with an iPad, everything I read can be in one hand, but I can't completely let go of paper.

The lack of by-lines on news story analysis has always bugged me, but the columnists rate among my most valued. Lexington comes at American politics as someone invested in the American Experiment, but with enough distance for a refreshing perspective. Charlemagne is also top notch. Their iPad subscription service is cumbersome. Once my print subscription runs out, I may give it another try. admire how CSM shifted to weekly from daily publication a few years ago. The passing of Daniel Schorr leaves a hole in their political commentary to this day. I love how their coverage isn't completely driven by wars involving Americans. This is where NPR and most American media fails. I don't mind war coverage, it doesnt have to dominate it.

Improving my listening skills will also help me to interact with groups of people. In particular, I seek to improve how well I work with a team and to eventually learn how to lead a group confidently. I look forward to improving my group communication skills in the next course I will take, COMM 1002 - Group Presentation and Discussion.

I also want to improve certain aspects of my writing skills for both professional and academic purposes. I want to learn how to organize my ideas more effectively in order to make my messages more accessible to diverse audiences. I also look forward to improving my skills in writing papers using the APA format. The tools that I plan to use to improve these skills are the Walden Writing Center and the Pocket Guide to APA Style.

As for my academic integrity skills, I am familiar with the concepts that pertain to this topic. However, I am constantly learning and improving and plan to do the same with these skills. In addition to using the APA guide as a reference, I will also the guidance of my professors. Inventory in a service context often has the property of intangibility - that is, it's not often a “real good” that one could point to in a moment of time. For example, seats at a movie theater could be considered “inventory”, but there are other more creative labels for “unused capacity”, such as “occupancy rate”, and others. But, it is basically inventory. Back to the movie theater example, unused seats in a movie theater could be considered inventory for which there is no demand - this means it is “cash left on the table”.

From using social networks for personal and professional use for most of my life, I have had vast experience in this ...
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