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Review on iPhone application (Nike Plus)

The “Nike Plus” GPS application uses the GPS and the accelerometer of the iPhone to record your movements and then view on a map. Besides that, there are other little, extra features that are also included in “Nike Plus”. These extra features include the ability to view videos of the coach to synchronize its data with the site or nikeplus.com, functions sharing with friends and family to inform them of your last performance (Cook 2009, A-1).

One can likely to run with the “Nike kit” to connect the iPod. Nike has released a kit that requires no application for use with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This application of Nokia Plus is available only in English and it is expected that this application would also be launched and will be getting translated in other languages. This application offers messages of encouragement and audio feedback on the performance of the user. The data and information related to shopping can also be downloaded from Nikeplus.com. This application is important in providing motivation to the users. The users can trace their path and then they also can track their progress which would provide them motivation to go further and move ahead. The sensor shoe is not necessary. GPS and the accelerometer of the iPhone give you everything you need in the palm of your hand (Miller 2006, 187).

Review on iPhone application (Smart Runner)

“Smart Runner” is a sports tracking and “Geo-tracking” application for the iPhone. “Smart Runner” allows the user to record his or her running routes, hiking, biking, and any other outdoor activity. The application is informed in real time about the speed (Current, maximum and average), the distance travelled and calories burned. The users can get registered for free on ww.smartrunner.com.

With the help of this application the users can archive their tracks, create a training history and analyze the routes with the help of maps and diagrams of the altitude and speed. If desired, “Smart Runner” can publish the track records of the user automatically on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks of the user. The important feature of this application is that recording is paused at break. These breaks may be of call, SMS, home button. Another imperative feature of this application is remarkable detail improvements and users will also get synchronization (Miller 2006, 187).

“Smart Runner” is an application that is useful for all the sports enthusiasts. It is a geo-tracking application for athletes of all kinds of tracking and record keeping. The application works with iPhone and serves for data exchange with the corresponding platform on SmartRunner.com. The application takes over the complete use of a training journal. For athletes, this free application should be really interesting.

Review on iPhone application (Fitnio)

“Fitnio” offers absolutely everything you need to record. The application starts quickly, takes place in a short time, quickly shows signal and reliably provides measurement. In connection with an account at ...
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