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I Phone OS

IPhone as comprising the operating system and the technologies used to run native applications on iPhone and iPod devices Couch. Closely related to X as Mac, iPhone as it is designed to meet the needs of a mobile, gift of the user's needs are slightly different.


The applications created by the programmer lies in the user's home, along with other system applications such as Photos, Weather 0 Clock. Once the application is launched, apart from the kernel and some low-level demons, the application is (mica running on the system. While running, the application occupies the entire screen and is the focus of attention of the user. When the user Home squeezes boron, the application is complete and the system returns to the Home screen. You can take advantage of integrated hardware such as accelerometers 0 the management of graphics to run our own code, the way in which users interact with devices

iPhone and iPod Couch is fundamentally different from the Mac users interact with as X, and therefore how to develop applications must also be. In an iPhone application, there is no concept of document windows to display content. Instead, all the application information is displayed in a single window. This has led to the creation of new views and controls that allow you to present the application information in an organized manner. Some of the more standard elements may behave a little differently. These differences are transparent, but sometimes require rethink how to organize and present the content of our application,

Development tools

The iPhone Software Development Kit is a developer package, developed by Apple and distributed free with every 10 required for any developer to develop their own applications as iPhone. The iPhone SDK comes with all the interfaces, tools and resources to develop iPhone applications from any Macintosh computer. Apple distributes the majority of its interfaces system in special packages called frameworks. A Framework is a directory that contains a shared library and resources (such as header files, images, applications support, etc.) necessary to support this library. To use frameworks, are linked in the project application as would any common library, linking the project to get access all features of the Framework and also allows development tools to know where to find the header files and other resources.

Smart Phones - Capabilities, Platforms

Smartphone possesses the same capabilities as a PDA, and if, additionally, has some innovative capabilities ...
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