Irish Republic Army (Ira)

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Irish Republic Army (IRA)

Executive Summary

The aim of this paper is to critique and enlighten the idea that was provided by CIA report in 1976. The repost suggests that “the terrorists are in business to influence people, not exterminate them”. This paper analyzes the use of violence by IRA (Irish Republican Army) and whether the statement fits into the organization or not. The Irish Republican Army was born in early twentieth century during the struggle for Irish independence to the British crown. The original IRA emerged as the Army of the Republic of Ireland, which had been proclaimed by the 1916 Easter Rebellion, an initiative of Michael Collins who organized men's groups and the Irish Volunteers Irish Volunteers Army. In 1921 an agreement between the British and Irish Government divided the island of Ireland in north and south region. The six northern counties, with a majority Protestant English and Scottish origin and pressing London to remain under the control of the crown, were established in the province of Northern Ireland or Ulster. In 1937 he declared the independence of southern Ireland, which became a republic (not recognized by London until 12 years later). The IRA is proscribed by the Government in Dublin and in 1949 it was declared illegal. Since then the IRA has become an organization that fought for the unification of north and south. According to several researchers IRA is to be blamed for the riots and violence activities in Ireland.


Since the 1960's, the IRA has killed about 1,800 people, including 650 civilians. The main objectives of the IRA were British troops, police officers, prison guards and judges, most of them unarmed, and paramilitary militants, drug dealer and confident in Ulster. The IRA has been involved in peace talks. Its signatories renounced violence, established a new legislative body in Northern Ireland, increased standards at the borders and freedom of prisoners (Martin, Lender, 1763). In October 2001, the IRA began to confiscate their weaponry and disarmament, a move that the Unionists demand proof of the IRA in their attempts to pursue peace and pure political strategy. There are three groups isolated from the IRA, the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA and Irish National Liberation Army. The Real IRA and Continuity IRA are formally called terrorists by the State Department (Martin, Lender, 1765). Authorities United States, Britain and Ireland consider the real IRA as the most dangerous group.

The real IRA was founded by a Republican activist Michael (Mickey) McKevitt, the IRA was separated because he rejected the peace process in Ireland. It was formed in 1997 by opponents of negotiations pursued by the IRA and its political wing. To continue with terrorist activities, the expected real ERI interrupt the fragile Irish peace process. The Real IRA has been linked to 30 attacks in Northern Ireland and six in London, including a failed attempt to destroy the bridge over the River Thames and minor explosions in the BBC television headquarters organizations and M16 (Martin, Lender, 1767).

The group that came after was the Continuity ...
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