Irish Republican Army

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Terrorism has always made its present felt at national and international level, and has existed since antiquity, yet in an altered form. Terrorism has emerged repeatedly throughout history. Secret societies had been detected in some tribal cultures maintained their influence through the vehicle of terror. In Ireland, Protestant and Catholic groups are having been in constant clashes after the Reformation. Throughout Europe in the late nineteenth century, proponents of anarchism made terrorist attacks against high officials or ordinary citizens. (James, 1997, 23-25)

The world daily shaken with news of attacks produced in public, where innocent people killed, and now more than ever, the quest for power and political dominancy dictates the brutal assault by the mighty powers over the weaker ones.

Humanity has reached an unprecedented crossroads. On one hand ,terrorism threatens the world both socially and economically, and second, it had created a new world of terror all around the globe by mercilessly bombing and targeting so many towns and villages , killing hundreds of men, women and children in real acts of genocide.

History of IRA

The Irish Republican Army founded in 1919 after the merger of the Irish Volunteers "and" Irish civil army. The first consisted of armed group's party Sinn Fein and the heirs of the organization Fenian, and the latter created by the hero of the Easter Rising James Connolly, for the protection of the labour movement. After the conclusion of the Anglo-Irish agreement and its ratification of the Irish Parliament, the IRA split - much of it, including such prominent figures as Michael Collins, Richard Mulkahi, and Owen O'Daffi took the side of the newly formed Irish Free State, occupying important positions in the National Army; the rest turned their weapons against their former comrades. However, the national army, reinforced by British support, has been stronger. On May 24, 1923, Frank Aiken gave the order to lay down their arms. Flout in 1926 created a party, led by Eamon de Valera, which is now the biggest party of the Republic of Ireland. (Michael, 1999, 176-189)

Aims and Ideology of IRA

The Irish Republican Army, IRA is one of the most famous groups, along with ETA. It is a terrorist organization in the European continent. Hunger strikes and suicide by them justified by in the context of moral beliefs; ideological, patriotic or religious tend to affect the consciousness of people. Like Bobby Sands, and the other 10 young Irish Republican Army who died in British prisons in 1981, to the numerous cases of Basque prisoners. IRA and anarchists who protested in January because of ill-treatment prison or political manipulation of judicial and police apparatuses in Spain and France, the issue of hunger strike and its meaning is no longer present in the public arena in recent decades. The modern IRA operates in Northern Ireland, part of the UK. (Alan, 2004, 45-63) Unlike anti-communist organizations the IRA group, operates with a social and political base and a coherent ...
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