Is Electronic Crime In U.K. And Eu

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IS Electronic crime in U.K. and EU

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IS Electronic crime in U.K. and EU


The advent of computers and the proliferation of the Internet made possible the achievement of great advances in science, medicine, technology, and society appears to be the proliferation of computers and the Internet. Electronic medium has progressed tremendously in science, medicine, technology and communications. Although there is no universally accepted definition of the presence of cyber crimes, it is often the difference between traditional crime through the Internet or computer crimes, specifically for the use of computer technology involved in the commission. (Mamalian, 2009, pp. 60)

Cyber crime is basically defined as a crime by using a computer or the Internet. (Kitchen, 2003, pp. 90)This connection allows people to connect with numerous other systems for collecting and transmitting information, messages and data. In EU and United Kingdom specifically the lack of universally accepted definition of cyber-crime there is often a distinction between traditional crimes committed using a computer or the Internet and crime, which includes specially oriented computing.


In United Kingdom computers and the internet are often used to commit certain types of computerized crime existed before. Computers and the Internet are used to build a vast communications network, such as the offender committed fraud, child pornography, gambling offenses, stalking, harassment, espionage, sabotage, invasion of privacy, theft, prescription drugs, controlled substances, illegal sale of alcohol, and firearms. The anonymity provided by the Internet provides a perfect environment for committing fraud. Concealment, charge plate fraud, securities fraud and of activities through the Internet continue to increase the knowledge of people paying attention to the network access to information and transactions. Many trusted financial services organization and the opportunity to make money. Unfortunately, there are many it is difficult to identify those to be effective fraud offers. Anonymous also created a haven for criminals pretending to trick users into unsuspecting people. Computer geological dating overhaul and chat rooms designed for minors are all rapists and child abusers can easily describe who endeavour to obtain their trust and integrity who speak the victims. (Richards, 1999, pp. 20)


England has been largely struck with the internet crime situation of all kinds throughout the scenario. If we look at the cost incurred on internet crime it can be said that huge investments have been made to stop such crime. The cost incurred by stake holders to stop such crime is very high. An estimate of around 6 billion pounds are spend yearly on the prevention of internet, credit card and other electronic crimes.

The role of all the stake holders is immensely important in this regard as software manufacturers are strived to make such software's which cannot be hacked easily. In addition to this crime agene agents and other stake holders are pushed to perform and built such products which can be deliver safety with performance.(Kitchen, 2003, pp. 90)

Web tracking is the consumption of data processor and the Internet to facilitate traditional crimes ...
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