Is Global Warming Man Mad Or Natural ?

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is global warming man mad or natural ?

Is global warming man mad or natural?


Basically, all living things in the earth need heat to life. The earth's heat source is sun. In the other words, without the sun we cannot have life. Our earth has a blanket to keep the surface warm, which support the life in the earth. We call that blanket as atmosphere. Without atmosphere, the earth becomes cold. This process is known as greenhouse effect. But, nowadays the heat becomes our opponent, which is caused problems on the earth. The heat that goes to the earth's surface is more than we need. So, the earth has become warmer than it used to be. This is called global warming. Global warming is also called enhanced greenhouse effect because of the malfunction of the greenhouse gases, which are more than we need and trap more heat. This can be a big problem for every living thing, because they have to face big environmental changes. Mainly is climate change. This is all happening because of human activities. Human activities that cause this disaster, global warming, are the ones, which do not respect the earth's environmental needs, for example that connected to the gas emissions. The way out for this disaster is just making environmental balances on the earth.


The purpose of writing this essay is to learn more about global warming;(MAN MADE OR NATURAL) including factor that cause it, the evidences that support global warming, effects in human life, and solutions. There is a section that explains the impacts of global warming for a specific country.

In the world of science, global warming is the most common issue. Scientists are studying about this phenomenon. There are still many controversies about this disaster. Some scientists say that this is just a fiction, but others say that this is fact and can destroy our earth. Some people have other opinions, for example, they argue that global warming gives benefits, but some do not. That's the reason to add a section about global warming controversy.

Consequently, after learning about global warming, the goal is to know what should to do to prevent global warming. For the author and the reader, this essay can be used as a reference to face the global warming.

Factors that cause global warming

Definitely, the energy that lights and warms the earth comes from the sun. The energy that goes to the earth is short-wave radiation, or visible light. When this heat energy goes to earth, soils, plants, and oceans absorb about 85 percents of energy. And the rest of this energy reflected back as long-wave radiation or infrared to the atmosphere. Atmosphere contents certain gases like water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. These gases are called greenhouse gases. These gases work like greenhouse, which let many sunrays through the atmosphere to the earth's surface, but trap the sunrays that reflected back to the space, which make the earth's surface ...
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