Islam And Nation Of Islam

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Islam and Nation of Islam


Islam is a complete code of life, one that professes a complete submission to the will of God. Islamic teachings are not seen, in its purest form, in any other religion. However, some others cults have demonstrated an anti-Islamic ideology by manipulating the Islamic teachings in their own language and style. Among such wrongly-projected groups is the Nation of Islam (NOI), a religious group that claims to be Islamic, when actually it is not. There is a huge difference between the teachings of Islam and the Nation of Islam, so much so that it is termed as pseudo-Islamic. We also see how we can apply the principles and advocacies of Islam to attain the rightful path in life. This is a source of Human salvation where he attains God's will in everything we do. The paper shows how NOI has adopted certain Islamic elements to sound “Islamic” where actually it should be taken as a wholly separate religious tradition, which has nothing to do with the purity of beliefs of Islam.

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Aims and Objectives4

Thesis Statement5

Discussion and Analysis5

Major Contrasting between Islam and the Nation of Islam5

Account of Personal Experiences in NOI9

Reading the Qur'an11

Qur'an's Interpretations for a Complete Code of Life13

The Islamic Creed and its Applications14



The main feature of the Islamic ideology is a conflict that does not support or even a significant separation between the spiritual and worldly life. It is not limited merely to purify the spiritual and moral life of man in the limited sense of the word. This paper shows an understanding about the major points of contradictions between Islam and the Nation of Islam, while assessing how NOI adopts Islamic elements to profess an Islamic ideology, when actually it is anti-Islamic.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this study is to develop an understanding of the major contradictions between Islam and the Nation of Islam (NOI); in an attempt to see which religious category offers a more authentic and acceptable viewpoint on the abiding of God as the supreme authority.

The objectives of this study include:

To review and assess the aspects of difference between Islam and the Nation of Islam (NOI) from the perspective of religious teachings and principles,

To give an account of the personal experience of working with the NOI to show how does the ideology develop and differ from the “real” Islam,

To describe the major interpretations of the Qur'an in terms of prescribing a complete code of life with respect to the dress, eating habits and reciting of Qur'an.

Thesis Statement

The Nation of Islam should be understood as an independent religious tradition that has adopted Islamic elements, rather than as an Islamic sect.

Discussion and Analysis

Islam and the NOI are completely opposed to each other, in terms of their teachings and principles, along with eth ideology that focuses tow different perspectives. Here in this section, we first discuss the difference between the two, while the following discussion will build upon the application of Islam as a complete code of conduct ...
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