Al-Qaeda History And The 9/11 Attack And Why We Went To War With Iraq

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Al-Qaeda History and the 9/11 attack and why we went to war with Iraq


Al-Qaeda is, perhaps the best known and most dangerous Islamic terrorist organization in the world. It was created around 1990, the Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden, as well as Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against Soviet troops (Burke 292). The organization aims to restore the Muslim nation in the world. Al Qaeda is working with allied Islamic extremist groups to overthrow the regime.


This Islamic terrorist network was founded and still headed by Osama bin Laden, a multimillionaire from Saudi Arabia, which became an active Islamist in 1979, when he went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union (Burke 355). Although al-Qaida financial and operational support to Islamic terrorist groups worldwide, its core remains bin Laden and the Arabs who fought with him during the 1980's. In this article we will talk about the history and structure of Al-Qaeda, along with some of the operations and activities of al-Qaeda were in the past and participants before and after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The origin of al-Qaeda has its roots in the Afghan resistance to Soviet forces from 1979 to 1989. Believing that the war with the Soviet Union was a holy battle between Islam and infidels, Osama bin Laden, the son of a wealthy Saudi contractor, went to Afghanistan to help cope.

U.S. intelligence apparatus has created its own terrorist organizations. And at the same time, it creates its own terrorist warnings of terrorist organizations, which he himself created. Meanwhile, cohesive multibillion dollar program to combat terrorism dollar "go after" these terrorist organizations were put in place (Kashmeri 128).

Actor in a stylized fashion the Western media, Osama bin laden, with the support of several of his close friends, is a post-Cold War America ghost who threatens Western democracy. Perceived threat of "Islamic terrorists” permeates the entire U.S. national security doctrine. Its purpose is to justify wars of aggression in the Middle East, while the establishment in America, the contours of the Homeland Security State. Historical background

Alleged mastermind of 9 / 11 terrorist attacks, Saudi born Osama bin Laden was recruited during the Soviet-Afghan war "ironically under the auspices of the CIA, to fight Soviet invaders". The Informers point the finger at bin Laden; In 1979 the largest covert operation in CIA history was launched in Afghanistan (Segell 616).

This project is the U.S. intelligence apparatus was conducted with the active support of the Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan (ISI), which was tasked in channeling covert military assistance to the Islamic brigades and financing, in connection with the CIA, the madrassas and the training camp of Mujahedeen.

U.S. public support for the Mujahedeen was presented to world public opinion as a "necessary response" to the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in support of pro-communist government of Babrak Kamal. In fact, Washington's intention was to deliberately provoke a civil war that lasted more than 25 years.

September 11, 2001, also known as ...
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