Response To The Attack Of 9/11

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Response to the attack of 9/11 Research and Analysis paper

Response to the attack of 9/11

September 11, 2001 is said to be renowned as one of the deadliest days in American history. Right beside of Pearl Harbor and D-day. Although this was a great tragedy, Americans have united as never before. They are inspired by what they saw take place, the courage, and the generosity portrayed by many men and women in their efforts to help. "The darkest day in American annals has commanded to their finest hour".

Communication during the September 11 attacks served a vital role in coordinating rescue efforts at the New York Police Department, New York Fire Department, Port Police Department and ambulance.

Although the connection has been changed to address problems discovered after the explosion of the 1993 World Trade Center, research in radio communications during the September 11 attacks found that communications systems and protocols, which differ in each department has been hampered due to lack of cooperation, damaged or not network infrastructure during the attack, and burdened with simultaneous communication between supervisors and subordinates.

NIST estimated that approximately one third of the radio messages transmitted during the burst communications were not complete messages or were not clear. Documentary footage provides tactical channels were overloaded: some footage captured the audio of two or three conversations going on simultaneously on tactical 1.

In this study, communication WTC incident, the radio systems used on the site had problems, but usually effective in which users can communicate with each other. In 2002, the documentary 9/11 by Jules Naudet and Gedeon, (hereinafter referred to as a documentary) was considered. He captured the audio from the portable radios used in the incident and showed the user communication by radio with the lobby command post of the North Tower. 1926 Red Book audio CDs from New York fire radio transmissions, covering the initial dispatch the incident and failure of the tower, were considered. These discs were digitized versions of audio recording recorders Fire Department. Moreover, the text on the CD with the oral history transcripts fire personnel interviewed about the incident were reviewed.

After the attacks had taken place, the U.S. government began searching for Osama Bin Laden, and any other Al Qaeda members. Unfortunately, they had been granted a protected haven in Afghanistan, supplied by the Taleban movement. When all additional failed, the U.S. went to war, the ...
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