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US Foreign Policy In The Middle East And Rise Of Islamic Terrorism

US Foreign Policy In The Middle East And Rise Of Islamic Terrorism


It has become a serious debatable issue to view about the rise of terrorism in the Middle East because of Unite States foreign policies. There are many critics upon United States policies that are focused merely on the Middle East. Many reasons are indicated by different scholars about the causes of Islamic terrorism in all over the world. Many of the reason found does lie under the United States political activities however many others believe that it is the matter of religion dispute.

Hastedt, G. p.,(2011) view the situation as that the present terrorism form in Middle East is based of religious issues and the target of this issue in United States.

The other political analysts have argued that the terrorists' attacks on America are not derived by a religious factor that the Muslims hate American people, their culture or religion. It is because of the issue of their belief that America has killed and harmed the innocent people in Middle East. They hate US for what it has done through its foreign policy.


The wave of terrorism began in the 20th century. The root cause of increasing global terrorism is clearly specific on the critics of economic, social and political issues. The presence of these issues and the increasing terrorism is a debatable issue and it requires the solution to the problem. It is widely accepted by many countries of the world that Unites States policies has caused the wave of terrorism in Muslim countries. Its policies have given the threat to American's lives as well as the lives of Muslims.

It has been considered all over the world that United States has specific objectives behind the involvement in the Middle East political and economic activities. The occurrence of 9/11 and after words the American actions against Muslims has given the rise to the cause of Islamic terrorism against United States. The United States foreign policy is becoming a factor of motivation for terrorisms. US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan and its support with Israel against Palestine raises the serious question in the minds of economists that why the Middle East is targeted. The war in Iraq against Saddam Husain was the starting of direct and clear United States intervention in the Islamic territory and that has become the root cause of terrorism that we are looking today.

Cochrane, P. (2004) has strong consideration that the major cause of Middle East Islamic terrorism is primarily based on politics. He, along with other analysts, believes that the aim of US intervention in Middle East is because of the purpose of acquiring the land. After the accident of 9/11, United States has taken two large Muslim countries under its control and has occupied them. These two countries are Iraq and Afghanistan. Many reasons are behind the control in Afghanistan. The first was to track out the Arabian terrorists, Osama Bin Laden, in ...
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