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The importance of Trust and Security Issues in E-commerce Adoption in the Arab World


The paper describes the importance of trust and security issues in E-Commerce adoption in the Arab World. This study also explains benefits of the internet and e-commerce towards the organizations and businesses. The paper takes on the introduction regarding the e-commerce and the internet in the Arab countries followed by the literature review on the studies that have been carries out on the trust and security issues of e-commerce in the Arab World. The methodology used to examine the key elements is done by secondary research. Significance of the research along with recommendations is discussed in this paper.

The importance of Trust and Security Issues in E-commerce Adoption in the Arab World


Telecommunications and information technology has created a new system of organized businesses, called the Internet. In recent years, the use of the Internet at all levels has also increased in the Arab region. The popularity of E-Commerce and Internet has been growing at astonishing speed, which changes the overall objective of the defence to commercial applications. The Arab countries have a large economy; the economy is based on the free service, however, yet to experience the maximum benefits from adoption of Internet technology (Aladwani, 2002).

Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is one of the fastest gains of information technology leads to fundamental changes in a way to make businesses effective and efficient. The growth of e-commerce provides and highlights the various advantages to companies and businesses. These benefits include the dissemination of information, development of new technologies, promote and sell products and services and cooperation between the supply-chain. E-commerce also opens up an opportunity to promote the environment, which promotes the globalization of markets worldwide; particularly businesses on online basis (Laudon & Traver, 2009, pp. 83).

The cases of Internet fraud is increasing at an alarming rate, so that companies trading e must have means to protect the transmission of personal data. Customers know what risks are presented and phenomena which are consequences increasingly common as identity theft or data, so they feel a combination of distrust and fear. In this situation, expect companies to protect, and 83% want more conclusive evidence that your information is safe (Yoon & Occen~a, 2009, 32).

The trust is a key factor in e-commerce which is increasingly recognized in academic and professional communities. In e-commerce transactions, consumers' perceptions of the legitimacy of business confidence are necessary because the transfer of confidence in the electronic version of the physical world. However, empirical research in this area drowned in contradictory perceptions of trust. The research provides the effect of strengthening confidence in the development of e-commerce in different cultural contexts and configurations. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to provide a study on the impact of trust in e-commerce development and importance in the Arab countries. The study is to determine the importance of issues of trust and security in e-commerce adoption in the Arab world (Forsythe & Shi, 2003, ...
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