It Doesn't Matter Or Does It, Really?

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IT doesn't matter or does IT, really? If there is any editorial piece significant fro the purpose of reading it has to be Nicholas Carr's "IT doesn't matter". This article was published in May 2003 by the Harvard Business Review. Its criticism towards the extensive use of IT in everything is overwhelming and it echoes significantly with the far-reaching changes that are currently caused by the world of Information Technology.

Summary of "IT Doesn't matter" article by Nicholas Carr

Ever-present computing strengthens the insignificance of IT

IT has a deep impact on the present business world. All organizations use information technology to perform their businesses. As a result, capital expenditure reserved for the IT industry has amplified considerably over time and is still increasing despite the existing economic condition.

On the other hand, Nicholas Carr portrays that IT has become the hottest item in the commodity list that has helped in shaping the business and industries. IT as a commodity has also become obvious to its customers.

Infrastructural technologies

Infrastructural technologies have helped in generating competitive advantage to the businesses. Once standards are in place, that type of infrastructural technologies is more effective when shared.

In the end of the construction period of the new infrastructural technology, new values will surface, dramatic rise in competition will occur and fall of prices will take place. The infrastructural technologies will have micro as well as macro economical advantages, only countries and states are benefiting from its occurrence, however, individual organizations are still contending on the similar stage.

Similarly, infrastructural technologies are usually have the issue of over investment, it is making far-reaching economic dilemma. The 'Internet Bubble' is a living example of over investment in railroads during the 1860s.

IT: as a commodity

According to Nicholas Carr, IT is strictly an infrastructural technology and it is mostly deemed ...
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