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Jessie J Perfumes

Jessie J Perfume

Jessie J Perfume


It is the world of change and dynamism where products gain and lose their market share within the twinkle of an eye, but if we analyze the market prospects we would scrutinize a number of success stories and these success stories is mainly depended upon the marketing techniques. These marketing techniques are used to differentiate a product from others as well as, earning a competitive advantage which gives the future benefit.


The 27 year old, Grammy award winner Jessie J is really famous for her hip hop compositions. She is a writer as well as a singer, whose voice directly touches the hearts of her fans and bloom up the tunes. In this regard she is the only unique advantage for her new perfume launch. The perfume market is very sensitive and the success of brands depends upon some of the major factors like: Brand image, Marketing and advertising campaigns, Customer reviews as well as the smell.

Being a marketing consultant all the responsibility related to brand and its financial performance comes under my jurisdiction, so in order to impress the customer competitive edge as well as aggressive and target marketing shall be needed to catch the eye of consumer. In order to attract the customer towards the smell certain steps and marketing techniques are required and are as follows:

Key factors highlighting the UK women's perfume Market.

Market analysis gap and scope of perfume.

Market segmentation according to the consumer preferences and smell.

Target market and Audience

Positioning of the product

Analysis of the marketing Mix appropriate for the product.

The research on women perfume market is carried out in 2011 and highlights some of the most important aspects that is, the market of perfume is composed of millions of pounds majorly these perfumes are imported from different parts of the world and are expensive also. If we analyze the market closely a women expects three things:


Nature of a Women

Brand Positioning

Consumer Reviews

Smell is the first and most important component in the buying pattern of a perfume. A perfume is a commodity which is mostly expensive i.e. Black XS of Paco Rebanne costs around £33, but when smell touches the heart price doesn't matter for a women and if she plans to buy that perfume than by hook or by crook she would have to purchase it.

The nature of women played an important role in determining the buying pattern i.e. if the woman is a middle aged one she prefers to have a descent smell rather than a strong smell like a young female.

The positioning of a brand again plays a vital role in buying decisions i.e. if the brand is marketed by a celebrity its sales graph would ultimately shows an upward trend. The reason behind the fact is that a woman is sensitive and she links that celebrity with her therefore she buys it.

In order to cater the major share of the market we would plan to launch the perfume in three variants or categories ...
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