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IT - Technology Solutions

Criteria one: Organization and demographic information

Provide a brief description of the organization and demographic information.

Club IT is basically owned by two girls, Lisa and Ruben, who were the business students and collected the complete idea to run the business of their interest. Club IT, a tall ceiling with powerful lighting system installed. Company is based totally on IT infrastructure, providing the best e-commerce facilities in order to give convenience and providing full enjoyment to their customers (Arnesen, 2005).

Night clubs are considered as the life of the city. The target market of these clubs is usually the people who want life and enjoyment. Mostly people they focus are young adult, single professionals, business travelers, tourist, college students and everyone who loves music, dance and drinking. If club IT want to give the competitive edge to the competitor it should go for attracting multiple target market rather focusing on one or two.

Criteria two: Club's Goals

Provide a clear set of goals and a strategy for using information systems to achieve these goals and improve business.

The goal is clear as the Club IT want to retain most of the customer in order to be number one in the marker. For this goal, company focus in the strategy of retaining customer through the IT facilities, which would give the edge to the competitor as they are Club IT is the only company utilizing the information technology more efficiently. The reason that mostly customers retained are the business man or a guy from elite class using the updated version of software and application. This factor is helping the Club IT in the best way.

Still there are many competitors, doing their best in order to gain the market share and upgrading themselves with different means. So, club IT adopted the edge by using the IT and also by upgrading their equipments and software and keep taking the professional advises in order to remain on their goal and easily focus on customer retention. For the completion of their goal, club need different strategies implanted at the same time in order to cope up with the current situation: (Baxendale, 2000).

Marketing Your Nightclub

The lifeblood of any night club business is marketing. In order to retain 5000 customer at your door in one night, you have to promote the business. This would only be done with marketing and promotion and increasing the public awareness about your club and approaching new customer by keeping the old remain with us. Here are some common strategies used by night club's owner.

Advertising and promotions. Advertising is common way used by Nightclub owner in order to promote their business. Radio could be the best tools used for promoting the nightclubs, beside these the local paper are helping these clubs a lot in their promotions. its better, if the college students are the main customers of our club, then we should distribute leaf in the college for our promotion, if ...
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