James J. Peters Veteran Affairs Hospital

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James J. Peters Veteran Affairs Hospital

James J. Peters Veteran Affairs Hospital


The Veterans Affairs health care service is a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs of United states that procures treatment for and conveys healthcare to veterans and their family members. The system of VA health care controls the leading incorporated system of health care of nation, and supplies cure to more than 5 million in and out-patients at its huge set of connections of hospices, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, treatment plans for residential rehabilitation, and centers for re-adjustment counseling (Glaser, 2007).

The James J. Peters Veteran Affairs hospital is a tertiary service of cure, supplying a complete variety of care services for veterans and members of their families, with high-tech expertise. All-inclusive health care is supplied by “primary care”, “tertiary care”, and “continuing cure” in regions of medication, surgical procedures, oncology, psychoanalysis, neurology, geriatrics, dentistry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and extensive cure. The service bestows with an extensive variety of services for in and out-patient health care and contains three community-based out-patients health centers as well in White Plains, Queens and Yonkers. In addition, it providers health care services to the system of health care for veterans affairs in Hudson Valley for the patients with acute illnesses requirements and appointments to sub-specialty treatment centers.


The discussion will be anchored in the flaws recognized in the James. J. Peters Veteran Hospital and its consequence on meeting the targets of health care organization related to finance and reimbursement. Scarcity of entrustment, insufficiency of collaboration and harmony between professionals puts an effect on the associational recruits, operations and strategic planning, thus thwarting the objectives of the hospice of providing secure and superior care to its patients.

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The finances of the field of health care cram need and delivery of ...
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