James Weldon Johnson

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James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson


Over the centuries, the world has witnessed various leaders, political personals, social activists, and mere ordinary citizen who had determination and took the responsibility to change the fortune of their nation, they had the fortitude and courage to face the world, speak and fight against its unfair suppression on them. It was their bravery, fearlessness and grit, which motivated and propelled these suppressed individuals to rise, challenge and change the course of destiny for not only them but their entire nation. A young, enthusiastic, fearless, audacious person cannot endure to witness his people being subjected to discrimination and humiliation for much long.

James Weldon Johnson was also amongst the enthusiastic individuals who decided to change the course for their nation. This paper discusses the issues that were rising in American society and the incessant struggles of this brave man via his work, which had a direct impact on the social, cultural and political movements.

Johnson's Life

Seldom does it happen that an individual bears several distinct facets to his personality and justifies each one of them completely in his life and actions; Johnson was also one of those individuals. Johnson was born on June 17th, 1871. He was not just an author; he was a poet, an editor, a pedagogue/instructor, political figure, diplomat, an evaluator, renowned journalist, song writer, lawyer and most of all a dedicated civil right activist.

It will not be wrong to say that Johnson belonged to a family that somehow paved way for revolution, as his mother was the first African American female teacher in a public school. During his college years, he taught at a school for a couple of summers in the countryside of Hampton where he experienced and observed the living of poor African American children, from what his parents had always protected him.

Right from the beginning, James W. Johnson was from his early years keen to learn literature and European musical custom. With the purpose that the education he gains will eventually be used for the benefit and auxiliary interest of the American black people, Johnson sought education at the renowned Atlantic university. After completing his education and receiving his degree, he preferred to take a job as a principal of high school in Jacksonville. Johnson's line of work had a swinging twist all around, from being a student, to a high school principal to a diplomat, Johnson worked in every aspect for the sole purpose of bringing evolution in the African Americans' lifestyle and bringing harmony and symphony in the society.

Johnson's Accomplishments and Endeavors

Johnson's incessant struggles to achieve his objectives were not only a ray of hope and model for other black African Americans but also his accomplishments shattered the barriers that were placed in their path. As an educator, in the high school Johnson opted to bring changes, and improve, enhance and develop the education level by adding and bringing in the ninth and tenth grade. Moreover, by the end of 19th century, ...
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