Job Satisfaction Of Nurses In The Icu

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Job Satisfaction of Nurses in the ICU

Job Satisfaction of Nurses in the ICU


The purpose of this paper is to assess the level of job satisfaction among nurses. This study focuses on the job satisfaction of nurses working in the intensive care unit.

Job satisfaction is defined as the extent to which individuals are satisfied or dissatisfied with their jobs. The concerns of job satisfaction are very important in the context of nurses. Job dissatisfaction is considered to be a serious problem among nurses. The problem is common among nurses who work in critical care unit. The dissatisfaction of nurses in intensive care is associated with a decrease in the number of nurses.


Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System

In the mid to late 1990s, economic constraints resulted in different changes in the healthcare system. As a result of these constraints, organizational policies have resulted in the reduction of expenditure in downsizing and restructuring. The restructuring of the healthcare system has resulted in a decrease in the number of beds available at hospital. In addition, healthcare workers have been laid off. Nurses are the largest group of healthcare workers working in hospitals. The changes in healthcare system have created diverse challenges for nurses. As a result of these changes, nurses are obliged to provide high quality services at a lower cost. The impact of these changes on nurses is far-reaching. The dissatisfaction of nurses is an important concern because it results in the turnover and poor performance of nurses. The number of nurses has been decreased therefore, a fewer nurses are providing intensive care to several patients. It has resulted in an increase in the stress level of nurses. The ongoing high pressure of nurses has increased the chances of job burnout among nurses. Burnout of nurses working in the ICU is a serious problem because it is associated with loss of productivity and absenteeism. It is not only associated with the performance of nurses but also with their health.

Review of Peer-Reviewed Articles

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The behavior of individuals is influenced by their social networks. Social networks play a dominant role in influencing the job satisfaction of individuals. When discussing about job satisfaction, it is important to consider social networks and their impact on employees. In the context of ICU nurses, a little is known about their social networks.

This study is focused on the social networks of nurses in healthcare. This study has investigated the role of social networks and formal communication on nursing staff and their performance. The study was conducted was Van et al in 2011. It was published in BMC Health Services Research, Volume 11.

In order to carry out the research, social network data of 380 nurses was approaches. The study was focused on nurses in Netherlands. The study analyzed and assessed contact density among nurses. In order to investigate the relationship between nurses' job satisfaction and social networks, the study utilized multilevel analysis.

The results of the study suggested that communication and advice networks are negatively related to ...
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