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Journal Article Critique

Journal Article Critique


The paper “Becoming a Man - The Views and Experiences of Some Second Generation Australian Males” describes how young men become men. There is much talk in the popular literature on masculinity. It is against the rarely raise the academic question. In Western societies, youth are left to themselves to become men by chance. In this study, 14 participants were asked when and how they turned out to be a man. As a special topic of this study has strengths and limitations, and raises ethical issues. This article discusses what are the strengths and limitations of the article and the ethical issues arising from research carried out or reported.

Article Review

Mentioning the limitation, the article mentions

The men in this study can not with certainty and conviction, to define or discuss what it means to them personally, being a man. For them, it seems that what it means to be human is mainly focused on the biology and masculinity, and to a lesser extent, fatherhood.

For boys and men in their forties of this study to become a man is left to each individual to perform the best I can.

The experience of young men and half the life of this study, when and how they became men, supported the statements of popular writers in the Western societies of men is left to chance, certainly the transition to adult male for the most part, a person and not guided transition.

There is a need for positive cultural education in the social dimension of masculinity. (David 2003)

In addition to the limitations, this study also a strength. As this study seeks to explore an important issue, but when a man becomes a man? "What more of a man and a struggle to meet the study could not immediately recall an important process and that marked a personal transformation to bring itself and be recognized as a man, an adult male.

Ethics is part of philosophy in the conduct and virtuous life. All research has some ethical issues. By the same token, this study also the ethical issues arising from research carried out or reported. First men to ask the question "when do you become a man?" It even seems uncomfortable.

He says that researchers should collect data on the basis of all ethical standards, which are often based on values and principles: honesty, loyalty, privacy and confidentiality, self - determination and voluntary participation, no physical or ...
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