Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design


The kitchen we are designing is actually to facilitate the general public of the island. We wish to offer our guests and customers an unforgettable culinary experience. Our all meals as well as beverages (non-alcoholic) are available on the normal room rate. We want to make sure the breakfast and the lunch must be served as a la carte. We will make sure that the dinner is a selection of daily fresh specials produced by our resort's chef. Our restaurant possess open kitchen located at the right next side to the resort, therefore it is an actual treat to see the chef making the dinner (Orchid, 2004, p. 54). The menu of the restaurant will have a plenty of prides and options on the assortment of fresh sea foods obtained from the nearby ocean and the lake. It also has a range of local vegetables as well as fruits, and nearby farmed beef and chicken. We think that when we have tasty and fresh ingredients then chefs can cook them very easily and no doubt the foodstuff will be unusual. Coffee of early morning as well as late afternoon sundowners' service of delivery is accessible upon request (Shaw, 1995, p. 26).

Purpose of Operation

Restaurants offers its customers through a range of food choices, offering a good service to consumers or the general public in the aim of creating good, valuable and loyal customers who returns back to the restaurant often. Unluckily, opening a restaurant is sometimes a time-consuming and costly attempt. It does not show that opening new restaurant is excessively hard job, of course. All New restaurants just need a lot of preparation and the buying of a number of provisions earlier than they probably are opened to the customers (Russell, 2009, p. 121).


For the success of business marketing is essential in maintaining a restaurant operating continually. It is significant to keep hold of our present customer base at the same time as rising the restaurant by create a centre of attention latest diners. An instance of an advertising objective may be to create a centre of attention new diners or mealtimes from an exacting neighbourhood. Goals may include utilization of social media to fit into place possible diners in discussion on the subject of food, to fasten together the neighbourhood activities preparation working group and to propel a straight mailer fascinating community from the region to attempt a free starter (Reznikoff, 1986, p. 111).


Initially expenses are really a severe apprehension for any new business owner. On the other hand, in the business of restaurant, preventable everyday expenditure for instance food waste, extreme labour and expensive necessities may show the way to a great dip in earnings (Reznikoff, 1986, p. 111). At what time we are setting objectives and goals in order to keep everyday expenditure in line, think about the regions of working staffs, overhead, food and employee maintenance. An illustration of an objective may be to remain food expenses at below 40 % of all ...
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