Labour- Management Partnership In Non-Union Organization: The Case Of Saudi Arabia Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

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[Labour- Management Partnership in Non-Union Organization: The Case of Saudi Arabia Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)]



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The research at hand aims to discuss upon the topic of the employee-management partnerships in non-union organizations. It takes the Saudi Oil Company, named Saudi Aramco, into consideration and observes the employee-management ventures in it in a holistic context. The research report undertakes to conduct an extensive study on the subject of the benefits of partnering of the two major stakeholders in the organizations which follow a non union approach in all its functions and activities. This topic is interesting enough to be studied for the reason that we seldom come across the non-union organizations as they are not many in the corporate world these days. Thus, this research gives a detailed context of the study being done.



1.1 Involvement and Participation Association1

1.2 Saudi Aramco1

1.3 Trades Union Congress3

1.4 Employee Engagement4

1.5 Critical Analysis on Union organizing John Kelly and Vidu Badigannavar5


3.1 Research Design8

3.2 Research Objective8

3.3 Search Technique8

3.4 Research Questions9

3.5 Hypotheses9

3.6 Measurement of Variables9

3.7 Sampling10

3.8 Research Method10

3.9Additional Online Searches11

3.10 Data acquisition11

3.11 Data Cleaning12

3.12 Ethical Consideration12

3.13 Reliability and Validity12

3.14 Research Gap and Limitations13


1.1 Involvement and Participation Association

IPA (The involvement and Participation Association) is a non-profit organisation. It works to help organisation in improving their productivity and performance. This could be accomplished through the making victorious working practices that are completely depending on the involvement of staff and recognising the essential contribution of workers (Erikson, pp. 119-161). If such kinds of working practices are made than they bring many benefits along with them, these are:

Enormous competitiveness

Increased productivity and profit

More proficient services

Better relations with employees

Better quality of performance

Improved ability to deal with change efficiently

Increased overall motivation and staff morale

1.2 Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a global integrated oil company owned by the Government of the Kingdom, and is engaged in the exploration and production, refining, marketing and international shipping, and come in the forefront of companies in the world in the production of crude oil and natural gas in the export of crude oil and natural gas liquids (Morgan, Pp. 48-76).

The company was founded under a royal decree issued in 1988, and it successfully replaces its predecessor, the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco) which was founded in the concession agreement basis. This agreement occurred in the year 1933 under which the government gave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Standard Oil Company of California ...
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