Language Disorder In Children

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Language Disorder in Children

Language Disorder in Children


Since the last century, researchers such as Urie Bronfenbrenner ,Walloon, Vygotsky, Piaget and Bruner highlighted milestones in the development of the child, the importance of action on the child's environment and the interactions, including in mastery of language. Urie Bronfenbrenner is famous for the development of ecological theory to explain the development of the child. According to ecological theory a child's environment affects the way a child grows and develops (McLean, 2007). In Bronfenbrenner, ecological environment of the child consists of four nested if one system to another, usually graphically depicted in the form of concentric rings. Levels of this medium Bronfenbrenner calls the microsystem mezosistemoy, ekzosistemoy and macrosystem.

Microsystem, or the first level of the model, at any period of life is composed of people and objects in the immediate surroundings of the child. It is this level has traditionally attracted the attention of psychologists. He points out that the relationships of two or more microsystems (e.g., family, and kindergarten) formed the second level - mezosistema. Ekzosistema is related to the levels of social protection or social structures, which, being outside the direct experience of man, nevertheless affect it. For example, the company, which employs the child's mother, may allow her a flexible production schedule that will allow it to focus more on education and indirectly affect the child's development.

At the same time able to freely dispose of his time and most of it paid to education will contribute to emotional balance, and the mother will indirectly increase the productivity of its labor. Unlike other levels, the macrosystem is not related to a particular environment, and includes the values ??of life, laws and traditions of the culture in which man lives. For example, the rules under which children with delays in development can be taught in regular school are likely to have a significant impact on the level of education and social development of these kids and their "normal" peers (Coster , 2003). In turn, the success or failure of these pedagogical initiatives can contribute to, or, conversely, to prevent further attempts to integrate the retarded children in regular school.


For the analysis of this paper we have chosen language disorder as a developmental issue in children. While it is true that children learn to use language at their own pace, most follow a similar development schedule (premature babies may not sync with this calendar, differing in a few weeks or even months). If we have noticed that your toddler does not seem to achieve the targets for the development of language, and the difference goes beyond a few weeks of the mean, discuss this with doctor. It may not be anything, but if child has any kind of problem or delay, the sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the greater the long-term benefits.

Stages of Development

I have chosen these two stages of development


Warning Signs:

25 to 36 months

At 26 months, still not a simple two-word phrases

At 30 months, still does not know ...
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