Leadership Decisions Vs Ethics During Financial Crisis

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Leadership Decisions Vs Ethics during Financial Crisis

Leadership Decisions Vs Ethics during Financial Crisis


Initially, much has been discussed the greed of bankers, investors and other speculators. This is not the result of the crisis. Greed and greed have always been traits of human beings who do not meet never enough money, or power, both are often but not always linked. This does not necessarily generate crises. So what are the reasons and the United States are responsible? The United States and especially the American way of life, corruption, mismanagement, and ultra-liberal ideology that prevailed until now are largely responsible for the crisis, but they are not responsible for all this was done by the European banks. There is remarkable how the community European capital, including regulators, is fascinated by everything that is done in London and in New York. The societal crises, organizational or individual are of various kinds as well on we compare them with each other, but for those affected who live comparison is often on the spot, no help. Crisis and leadership are two words that are highlighted by chance. In situations of crisis, when the feelings of powerlessness are pervasive, often it is hoped that a Leaders are seen as those who can act, which can support changing the course of events. They sometimes come with a common sense, an ability to dissipate confusion and to convince the various stakeholders of the justice of their proposals. But leadership and crisis are not always allied to the resolution. Leadership can be self- even the source of a crisis, as it may not be the expected miracle.

The worst economic decision making and leadership resulted in the housing bubble and the financial crisis of 2007 and other related bubbles that inflated the U.S economy. As a result of this burst, the U.S had a widespread economic crisis in all areas. The damage was in trillion dollars. While the bad decision making and psychology if the judgment was involved besides decision making.

Leadership Decision during the Financial Crisis

Crisis and leadership are not always allies with International terrorism, corporate scandals, fiscal crisis, disaster ecological, wars and conflicts, etc. Focus on crises tends to focus our attention on the disorder, which is evil, which seems out of control and order of fate. Governing and managing are not easy things. Many crises are the result of an accumulation decisions or human error on a smaller scale, which by a combination of circumstances, is turn into a crisis. Management involves people having to deal with serious problems and need regular changes glimpse, even in a context of uncertainty and complexity in a broader and longer term. Etymologically, the word crisis comes from the Greek meaning K??s?? choice, decision, point of view, decisions, decisive moment, debate or dispute. Be in crisis; be in a situation that known and important decisions before a turning point. What crisis? Across all organizations at one time or another crisis (Dulworth, ...
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