Leadership Ethics

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Leadership Ethics

Leadership Ethics


The concept of nursing leadership is practiced in today's rapidly changing and complex environment, which can be seen as a significant cause of ethical issues in today's nursing. No one can deny the fact that principles of nursing ethics are in line with the principles of health ethics such as respect for autonomy, effective teamwork, non-maleficence, beneficence, etc. (Guido, 2011). However, it is also a fact that ethical dilemmas such as conflicts, whistle-blowing, autonomy, advocacy, etc. exist in nursing practice that pose challenges to nursing leadership. Conflict has been recognized as a critical ethical issue that not only affects the performance of nurses but also damages their professionalism.


Ethical Issue in Nursing

It is a reality that conflicts are found in nursing like every workplace, and there are various reasons for conflicts including, disagreement on the agenda, and difference in perception, attitudes, beliefs, values, degree of association, etc. Labor and delivery nurses have not an easy task, there are specific challenges has been attached with the job description since labor and delivery nurse start work under difficult situation for women delivering babies (Stichler, 2012). However, it is essential for nursing management and leadership to reduce the stress and increase work efficiency. It can be seen that healthcare organizations are going through a dramatic change in terms of their operations in order to improve quality and performance (Curran, 2013).


This is one of the most difficult tasks that have been facing by L&D nurses. According to (Rose, 2012) this is the initial step to diagnose the condition of both patient and major problem related with delivery. From the leadership point of view, this is would be suggested by the doctors to competent nurse to provide the initial assessment to understand about the most specific issues. Patient higher risk might become the real challenge that require ultimately provides the real education.

Pain Management

This is another serious challenge that is reacted with L&D nurses. When we have speaking about pain, this is not just base on physical, but it has also attached emotional, behavioral and mental pain (Rose, 2012). This factor has mostly attached with a young mother who have first delivery. The leader should guide their nurses that they should be a good listener at that point while dealing with pain issues for mother and other health problems.

Team Work

The team work does not only belong to the relations among the doctors and nurses, but it ...
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