Leadership Planning

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Leadership Planning

Leadership Planning


Our everyday lives are governed by our perceptions, determinations, actions and principles. The basis of all these constituents of our lives is Leadership i.e. how we go on leading and ruling ourselves, in personal, professional or other settings.


The term 'Leadership' has become the foundation of every institution these days. It has been defined by many management gurus and practitioners in a standard context. They describe Leadership as a process of obtaining assistance and support of people to accomplish the tasks at hand. In simpler words, it refers to getting the work done through people. An effective leader is well-equipped with vision, values, charisma, intelligence and influencing powers. (Laubach, 2005)

I happen to be a staunch believer of the fact that one should not only lead his professional but also personal and social life. This perception was formed when I started experiencing the leadership challenges myself.

I work at an advertisement agency and was initially appointed as a Liaison Officer. However, I faced many problems concerning my leadership and management skills at work. Immediately after attaining the new position, I found that the people in my team started becoming lethargic and irresponsible. They missed deadlines, kept their projects in pending and this caused great troubles to other departments and coworkers.

I tried to figure out the prevailing problems and assessed my own skills and abilities too. Then, I found out that others were not to be blamed because I lacked leadership skills. That was the time when I felt serious need to polish my skills and make some new plans.

Now that I have increased my knowledge regarding leadership skills, I am in the phase of formulating my own leadership development plan. The goals and objectives of my plan include enhancing my leading capacity to properly instruct and command the followers in ...
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