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Leadership Practice

Leadership Practice


There are two separate views relating to leadership styles: one view holds that leaders are born. The qualities they embody are unlimited. Other concept is that in order to emerge as leaders, humans need to work hard and develop these qualities. The “great man” theory demonstrates the previous concept and explains that the leaders intrinsically possess personality traits. This concept assumes that a leader naturally possess the required skills that allows him to perform. While adapting this concept, scholars analyze specific problems or tasks and provide leadership styles for addressing them (Allen and Hartman 2008).

Organizations must have leadership that is strong, committed, and innovative and has the vision to foresee what might happen. For the leader, to guide the work units together with a general process without delays, defects or rework. Stable Organizations hire the best staff and reward for exceptional performance. An institution is moving towards stability Christianizing Organizational effectiveness powers through such things as personal, interpersonal, managerial and Organizational. This means that leaders must possess a level of maturity and learning that allows each person identified as a single person, which should be involved in the Organization as part of a system essential for the stability of the company. Efforts to business success does not depend exclusively on the leader, if he does not think strategically, and in conjunction with the team, techniques and management tools are not able to develop on their own, nor can the Organization develop

Many people have observed the behavior of leaders, the affect of situation on leadership, the functions of leadership, as well as dynamic processes and contingencies. Both the economic model as well as behavioral perspective examines leadership as a role whose purpose is to help an organization to be more adaptable. Leadership can help an organization in pursuing towards adaptive change. In this research, we will discuss the leadership development practices in a company which is named one of the top 100 companies according to the Fortune 500. For this paper, the company I chose is Wal-Mart. Here, the best leadership development practices of Wal-Mart will be discussed along with general leadership development practices (Allen and Hartman 2008).


Leadership can be broadly defined as the process of inspiring, coordinating, directing, mentoring and motivating, individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, societies, or nations toward achieving goals or results. Such a simple definition hides the reality that leadership as a concept is rife with complexity and debate.

The study of creativity and leadership has moved from the idea of in-born talent to process-based skills that can be learned and developed. Historically, talented leaders and great creators believed to be born with unique and rare talent (Bass, 2005, 38-42). As a result, both areas of inquiry began with the model of studying the great practitioners of the past. Since then, the “great man” theory has replaced by the view that leadership skills can be taught. Creativity, which thought to be confined to a select few, is now seen as a skill that ...
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