Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Health Care

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Legal and ethical aspects of health and social care

Legal and ethical aspects of health and social care


The case scenario

The case scenario pertains to the case of a patient who suffers with HIV positive. The Patient has been in several sexual relationships, and therefore, he was subjected to the HIV infection. The patient named 'Bob' has an intimate relationship with a female named 'Sue'. Bob and Sue are expecting a baby within two months. The case has been looked into at a local trust hospital, and therefore, it pertains to the guidance of Dr .Gomez.

The Doctor wants Bob to inform Sue about his NIV, as well as, take her for examination to identify whether she has been affected from the infection. The Dr also looks into examination of baby, if he has been subjected to the infection, as well as, prompt course of treatment has to be prescribed. However, Bob is still hesitant to tell Sue about the infection.

The case pertains to health and social care paradigms of HIV Patients. It studies the roles, responsibilities, as well as, the laws available for such patients. It also pertains to signify the extent to which an individual plays role himself, to come out of such infection and cope up with situations. The case determines the length of health and social care required for such cases, as well as, the application of values in the real world (Frith, 2013, pp. 17-21).

The case determines in the end, whether the patient should inform his intimate partner or not, if so, it looks into the course of conduct and action for the case outlined.

The assignment encompasses of outlining several values and value paradigms for the treatment of HIV aids, as well as, the implications of ethical perspective to treat the HIV patients. The paper discusses the implications of law, as well as, evaluates the rationale of breaching the confidentiality. The paper assesses the ethical dilemma available to the patient in this case, as well as, the process of making ethical choices. The paper studies codes of practice/good practice guidelines, accountability and professionalism, as well as, data protection, freedom of information act and information security Consent and Confidentiality. It further studies opportunities and anti-discriminatory legislation, aspects of employment law. The paper finally evaluates the decision taken by the doctor, as well as, its compliance to the existing laws, and finds out the validation. It also outlines further course of action for the healthcare professional and the suffering individual Bob.

Values and ethics

Values pertain to any code of ethical conduct and behavior for a particular area relevant to the human functioning. Values itself are defined as “the important and fundamental believes pertaining to determine the right and wrong about an action pertaining to a particular phenomenon”. The context of Professional values pertains to the right and wrong, as well as, the outlining of a particular course for particular field or ...
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