Legal, Safety, And Regulatory Requirements

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Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements


Common sense and compassion are two things, which are slowly, and steadily wiped out of the workplace. The workplace is one of the practical examples of how we lead our lives. Since we have stopped using our common sense in our daily lives, the effect is evident in the workplace. Same is the case with compassion. Our lives have become deprived of compassion. People have become ignorant of the needs of each other. They have become less emotional and more practical. They do not feel sorry for others. One of the many things which have mould our behaviors this way is litigation. The rules, laws and regulations that are set by the law making authorities be implemented at the workplace have reduced the use of common sense, as well as, the feelings of compassion from the workplace.


The Effect of Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements on Human Resource Process

In every country of the world in general, and United State of America in particular, all the managers of the human resource department must follow and abide by the laws related to employment, wages and labor relations. The analysis of the impact that regulations have on the human resource supply and the opportunities available to them can be looked at from two points of views. The first point of view is that the effect of laws on the human resource already working in a firm which is engaged in a business in a particular industry. The second point of view is the employment opportunities for the unemployed labor force which are created by either the expansion of the existing firms, or by the entry of new businesses in the market place. A number of economists have debated over the role of the laws, rules and regulations that have been set forth by the regulating authorities and their effect on the market place. A variation exists between the stable and volatile industries that support regulations (Freeman 2005). These regulations also have an influence on the size of the industry. This hampers the entry of new firms in the market which lower down the overall employment rate of the industry (Micco & Pages 2007). Some of the economists have also studied that how theses regulatory structures like EPA, affect the social cost estimates. The social cost estimates are found from the PEs of the industry that ...
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