Legal-Ethical Considerations

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Legal-Ethical Considerations

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Legal and Ethical Considerations

Introduction to interview

Physiotherapy as a profession has come a long way from the concept of plain massage as pain ailment application of modern methods such as hydrotherapy and electronic stimulation that have proven to have great therapeutic efficiencies for almost all diseases. For the post surgery follow up and for geriatrics, there is even more importance of physiotherapists. Many medical institutions now offer a range of degrees in physiotherapy and many offer physiotherapy specialties at the post graduation level. The demand for physiotherapist is ever increasing and the handsome remuneration that the profession offers warrant physiotherapy as one of the best choices when it comes to healthcare (Aiken, 2002).

Global ethical and legal issues

The concept of Health Care Management has got a lot of importance. Because of an increasing number of patients these days in many parts of the world, this topic has gained a lot of significance in recent years. Hospitals are investing a lot of money in this regard for the betterment of patients. Although, it demands exorbitant costs but, they are necessary. If any hospital, needs to maintain proper management of healthcare services, than a certain level of financing would be required.

Using information technology (IT) to provide comprehensive patient records would both reduce medical errors, such as prescription of drugs that are counterproductive, given patient allergies or when combined with other medications, and provides cost-savings by eliminating unnecessary duplication of diagnostic tests. Another use of IT is the expansion of health care provided report cards.

Medical care also differs from most other expenditures, even those that people think of as human capital investments, because much of it occurs as a result of negative shocks to health that is widely unanticipated. It is the combination of the degree of uncertainty about one's future health state and the high cost of medical care (relative to household budgets) that makes the transferring of risk to a third-party payer through insurance such an important phenomenon in the market for health care. Education has also been found to be positively associated with the demand for health, although it is still under investigation (Brown, 2006).

An important advancement in health care is related to technology, modern discoveries and treatments. An analysis of the effect of certain scientific and technological developments in the field of health improves the quality of human rights. Fundamental freedoms presented to the UN General Assembly at its 1970 session by the World Health Organization. The analysis indicated that such developments had both positive and negative consequences, some of the latter tending to give rise to intellectual infringements of human rights.

Interviewee's role

The telephonic interview was conducted of Peggy Abeln. She is the owner of PEG Therapists. She answered my questions and elaborated in such a way that I could easily discuss them further. She is a graduate from Rockhurst University. She has done BS in physical therapy sciences. She found PEG Therapists in1991. She has lots of experience related to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and healthcare ...
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