Ethical & Legal Issues Of Nursing - A Case Study

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Ethical & Legal Issues of Nursing - A Case Study

Ethical & Legal Issues of Nursing - A Case Study

Ethical issues raised in this case study

Personal views & beliefs

This is a very complicated case, as it encompasses two completely opposite sides of the tale. One is that, I have to do my job as Sarah is my Patient. The other side of the story suggests me to tell the truth to her husband, who had approached me. The morality suggests that if two or more than two persons are involved in any scenario, and one person's certain act is impacting the rest, they must have complete awareness of the situation and its implications on themselves. And since this act of Sarah was very serious in nature, and that her husband was also going to be impacted by this act, so he must know the truth. He must know what Sarah was up to, what kind of operation she had, and what were the consequences of that operation (Tito, et al., 2000).

Regardless of their disagreements with each other on the issue of having how many children, Sarah was ethically wrong in her stance. The repercussions were greatly impacting not only herself, but her husband as well. So whatever operation she had to undergo, it must also be in full consent of her husband as well.

The legal and professional boundaries being imposed as a nurse

Being a nurse, there are certain legal and ethical issues that impose boundaries on us. These legal and ethical issues include:


It is very important duty of nurses to obtain an informed consent signature from any legitimate physician or any other health care officer. Failing to acquire such signed documents will lead nurse in a very critical position to face legal issues. Not only the nurse, but the physician will also ...
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