Personal Values And Ethical Standards

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards

Personal Values and Ethical Standards


Personal values are referred to the principles which define a person as an individual. Trust, reliability and honesty are the personal values which establish the way a person would confront the world and associate with the people. Our personal values give us the confidence; about what we deem as desirable and important. A value is a philosophy, a mission or a belief which is significant. Whether or not we are willfully acquainted about them, each person has a major set of personal ethical values and standards (Freeman, 2005).

Ethical values may vary from the humdrum, like the belief in punctuality and hard work to more of psychological, like harmony of purpose, concern for others and self reliance. Every individual has distinct ethical values and standards. My personal ethical standards and values have contributed to what my life is today. Values are the personal standards of what one believes as wrong or right. While, ethics refer to a structured set of fundamentals which impart the composition of what is taken as suitable in a group of people.

My Personal Values, Ground Rules and Ethics

I started acquiring ethical values since my childhood, observing the ones who were most close to me like my mother and my father. With the passage of time, and as I grew older, I acquired values from the external resources like church or school or even from my neighbors who I met and associated with in my everyday life. My parents, who were as old as to be my grandparents, raised me. I was brought up in the Southern region where social behaviors and values are yet deemed as outdated. With time, I learned how to behave with people, acquired respect for others and an attitude of strong workplace ethics. A few of my earliest memories were regarding the way my father used to go for work for five days a week without missing even a single day as I remember. I may also mention that my mother infused a lot of ethical values and skills into me which according to her were important for a young kid to acquire.

These included speaking and behaving with others in a well mannered way, cleaning the room, making meal for myself when nobody was there to do it for me, and more. I always got an encouragement from my mother for being keen to assist the ones in need in such a manner that they could learn how to help their own selves and meet their needs. When I attended church, I came across values and faith which were sent from the Bible and God. The lessons I gained from Bible seemed interesting to me and I even tried to convey them to others I met in life.

For living a successful, contended and happy life, an individual should establish their personal set of ethical values and standards. Establishing personal values would help one enhance their relationships, personality and self esteem, and endorse productive decision making ...
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