Managing People - Managing Ethically

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Managing People - Managing Ethically

Managing People - Managing Ethically: Suppliers who undercharge when supplying invoices

Ethical Framework that can be applied to CIV (Critical Incident Vignette)

The ethical dilemma is a situation of moral choice, when the realization of a moral value is destroyed the other, no less important. If consider the ethical dilemmas within the profession, the currently it is believed that this problem can be removed by creating professional codes of ethics. An ethical dilemma is a short story, a story mode, which raises a possible situation in the field of reality but conflicting moral level, and requests from listeners or a reasoned solution to the conflict, or an analysis of the solution chosen by the protagonist of the story subject. The individual is thus facing a real and inevitable conflict situation in which it may have many questions before an election (Cheryl & Robert, 2001).

Following are the main points of the article:

Agency policies and laws are usually involved in critical cases and therefore social workers are obliged legally to take specific action step. Hence, the standards according to Code of Ethics identifies that legal obligations are required for the involvement of social workers in sharing confidential information.

According to the article, it is very important to keep difference between professional and personal ethics and values.

It is significant for students to identify and manage their personal values in such a way that allow them professional values in order to guide them in practice.

In my point of view, this article actually provides detailed information regarding ethics and ethical dilemmas which an individual go through at some point in time. This article really helps in clarifying the concepts and making them more understanding (David & Sheila, 2011).

There should be some more points justifying the concepts through examples from practical life. Also, the situation may be complicated by an internal moral conflict of personality, because each person has a set of moral criteria that are valuable to him, but may be contrary to generally accepted standards as well as standards of professional ethics. Social workers of the Judicial Branch are governed by the Code of Ethics of the profession. Within their professional duties should be prepared to handle ethical dilemmas they may face during their intervention with families and children operated by Law. According to the theory of social work, there are constant changes in the system of modern life; the Social workers are exposed to confront difficulties based on values ??and personal pressures. These factors can significantly influence unconscious in their job functions and the ethical decisions they make related to children and families who are involved (Fred & John, 2005).

I am sure that none of professional code of ethics cannot cover, the variety of situations which would have allowed the subjects of ethical practice and, most likely, they have to resort to the universal norms of ethics and making decisions, they will face new ethical dilemma. Hence it can be concluded that, ethics is not a set of rules, ...
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