Legalizing Illegal Immigrants

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Legalizing Illegal Immigrants


As you can see, I already had a viewpoint before I started my research. My argument was that the aliens also have the right to invest in them selves and to achieve the American dream, especially since the society itself is a community of immigrants. The only difference is that there are ancient immigrants and recent ones. But this concept would only convince an immigrant like me, but Americans themselves must be thinking differently. For sure, they are thinking about their own good. They don't care if they are treating those immigrants the same way their grandparents had been treated when they had first arrived. So I decided to research the outcome of legalizing undocumented immigrants, and how this could benefit the average American.


Immigration worsens U.S. poverty in two ways. First, immigrants add directly to the population of the poor. Rubenstein points out that about 16 percent of America's poor are immigrants. Second, immigration adds to poverty indirectly by driving down the income and employment rates of poorer Americans through economic competition. In 2002, poverty rates for black Americans rose and their median household income fell. Many black Americans are being pushed into the underclass by immigration.

I can't argue with such a fact. Immigrants do add directly and indirectly to the population of the poor. But what difference will it make to recognize the poverty that exists right now in the society! It is already there. What I'm asking for is to recognize these poor immigrants, and this will be the first step to overcome their poverty. By legalizing those undocumented immigrants, we give them the access to many jobs and the motive to achieve the American dream, which will ultimately lead to wiping poverty out Also, legalizing them will add taxes to the state's revenue. America is losing enormous amounts of money because illegal immigrants can't pay taxes, even if they want to (O'Sullivan, pp 23-181).

Immigration accounts directly and indirectly for two-thirds of the current U.S. population growth. Immigration accounts directly and indirectly for approximately two- thirds of current U.S. population growth; and this process is picking up speed. The Census Bureau had predicted (in its 1990 Middle Series projections) that between now and 2050, the population would grow to 328 million without immigration and to 404 million on present immigration trends (Bacon, pp 34-292).

Believe it or not, legalizing illegal immigrants will actually help stop illegal ...
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