Level Of Testostrone Amongst The Athletes

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Level of Testostrone Amongst the Athletes


Testosterone is a steroid hormone, the group of androgens. In mammals, testosterone is secreted by the testes in males, although small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands. This is the main sex hormone and original male anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a key role in the health and well-being, especially in sexual functioning. Examples of these effects can be a larger libido, increased energy, increased production of blood cells, and protection against osteoporosis. On average, an adult male produces about 40 to 60 times more testosterone than adult women, but women are a behavioral point of view (more than one anatomical point of view or biological), more sensitive to hormone. However the population level, the concentration ranges for men and women are very extended, so that they overlap each for low and high values.

However, this paper will focus upon the level of testosterone amongst the athletes playing different games. The significance of this will allow gathering relevant information regarding testosterone and gain important knowledge about the testosterone level in the sportsmen. Moreover, finding various different attributes of the sportsmen playing different games will be highly useful research for my educational knowledge.


There would not be wrong if one may say that testosterone fuels the risk-taking, dominating, aggressive spirit that helps male, professional athletes compete. Testosterone is the male hormone which, in addition to aggression, helps with libido, mating, and muscle development traits that are all needed to net a mate and procreate. Theorists from the biological perspective view human level of testosterone of evolutionary origin. Thus, level of testosterone is an internal physiological mechanism under the direction of innate and petrochemical system, which can override voluntary control. It suggested that innate level of testosterone controls every human behavior. The purpose is to ensure population control, selection of the best for reproduction purpose and social control. A more sophisticated biological theory views level of testosterone under the direction of goal predispositions, which evolve to enhance reproduction and survival of the species. Level of testosterone is not a spontaneous eruption but, based on legitimate social needs.

Moreover, there are various factors that effect that rely on the creating the level of testosterone amongst the athletes. Thus, the main focus is on the justification of how different sports change the level of testosterone amongst the sportsmen. Athletes have the tendency to show some psychological behavior through which we can judge their level of testosterone. However, it is also possible to arrange the details about the level of testosterone by their diet. Although there is a research that proves about the athletes having variation amongst the level of testosterone as their games changes.

Diet and Testosterone level of Athletes

Although the suggestion of a testosterone-enhancing diet may call to mind juicy steaks and massive omelets, you don't need to pour on the protein to manipulate your hormones. A number of nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide can help naturally increase the amount of testosterone your body produces without the ...
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